In order to leverage the influence of calls-to-action on visitors you need to optimize its placement. There are so many web pages and you need to decide how to scatter your CTAs over your web presence.

Let me go ahead and tell you about the most essential places that you need to consider while placing your CTAs.

1) Place CTAs on Your Website

calls to action 1 Calls-to-action should be scattered everywhere over your web presence except for the landing page. Since, your home page is the most frequently visited web page presenting you with a big opening to drive traffic to a specific campaign, it must have good CTAs. In fact so many people say that you should have two to three CTAs on your home page targeting different personas of the visitor.

Now, let me explain you why should you not put a CTA on your landing page. Landing page helps the visitor to gather more information about the product or services and get converted to potential leads. Visitor while filling up the form and putting in their information get distracted by calls-to-actions if any. They will only confuse the visitor. Hence, it’s good not to have CTAs on your landing page.

However, for other web pages try to align your CTAs according to the content of the web page. Make sure the CTA goes well with the content on that particular web page. You also need to consider the stage of the sales cycle the visitor is likely in while putting the CTAs. For example if the customer is on product page, he is more likely to be interested in your free product demonstration than visiting any other page. All your web pages like about us page, product or service page and contact us page should include some good calls-to-actions in order to help the customer decide what to do next. Hence, include at least one CTA per page.

2) Place CTAs within the Content

calls to action 2 It’s good that the visitors seem interested in your product as they either downloaded your EBook or have registered to your webinar or did anything as such however it’s ultimately sales that matters. Hence, you must nurture your leads with some good related content and leverage more offers like a free trial or a consultation. For these types of offers you can add CTAs within the body and at the end of your webinar or EBook.

3) Place CTAs in Presentations

calls to action 3 You can include CTAs in your presentations and refer the audience to a specific page to give them further information about your company. Make sure you archive your presentation slides to your website or other platforms like SlideShare.com to get better results.

4)  Place CTAs in Your Blog

calls to action 4 Your blog is a great platform when it comes to CTA placement. You should always include CTA not only in the sidebar of your blog but also on very individual article that you publish. You can place the CTAs within the body of the content apart from image or button CTAs. The CTAs that you will include in the body of the content must encourage to people to take certain action like subscribe to the blog, download some content, join your newsletter or blog digest email or follow your business on social media. While putting CTAs on your blog you need to make sure that it resonates with the content of the blog.

5) Place CTAs in your Emails

calls to action 5 You can include CTAs in the emails that you send in the form of links. In fact the subject of the email should serve as a CTA. You can include a link in first one to two sentences of the email, then can include one in the middle and at least one at the end.

6) Place CTAs in Videos

calls to action 6 You can include call to actions within the videos you make. The things that need to be kept in mind while doing so is that your CTAs should be simple and include shortened and easy to remember URL. This is how your CTA will remain intact and make sense if different people will watch these videos embedded on various websites or blogs. Besides, you can also include CTAs in the description of your video.

7) Place CTAs in Paid Media

calls to action 7 Paid media covers a variety of formats, including banner ads, Groupon emails and even press releases. Take Google Adwords for instance, you pay for your ads to be shown at the side of the search results. You must include calls-to-actions in every paid search ads, which are consistent with the landing page visitors will go after they click on the paid ad.

8) Place CTAs in Email Signature

calls to action 8 Each step that you walk ahead lets you come closer to your destiny. Likewise, every effort that you make while placing your CTAs aptly counts. You can include CTAs in your personal email signature and encourage others in your team or your company to do that. You never know when it will strike the consumers mind and you have some more sales in your bank.

9) Place CTAs on Social Media Outlets

calls to action 9A You have got untold options to place your CTAs over the social media outlets like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and so on. Different social media outlets offer different and efficient ways to place a variety of CTAs. For instance, when Facebook, on the one hand, offers you various opportunities to put CTAs like Facebook ads, sponsored stories, wall posts and custom business page tab, twitter, on the other hand, offers you with bio and link to place the CTAs.

These were nine effective ways you can place your CTAs to exhibit some ultimate results. Hence go ahead and leverage the power of calls-to-action by optimizing their placement. Place CTAs at the right place to have the best results.

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