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Facbook stats infographic (1)

1. Most liked Facebook page: Facebook for Every Phone with 517 million likes
2. Number of Facebook Small Business Pages: 50 million
3. Average number of daily posts by brands on Facebook: 1.48 posts
4. Percentage of U.S. small businesses that use Facebook: 41%
5. Percentage of posts to Facebook pages that go unanswered: 87%
6. Organic reach for a Facebook page post: 2%
7. Percentage of brands that promote their Facebook posts: 75%
8. Facebook adoption among U.S. fashion brands: 99%
9. Ideal length of a Facebook post for maximum engagement: 40 characters
10. Top industry for likes per Facebook post: Media and Entertainment (915.3 likes per post)
11. Day of the week with highest overall Facebook post engagement rate: Friday
12. Number of small or medium businesses in India that have a Facebook page: 1.5 million businesses
13. Revenue per visit from Facebook referrals: $1.24
14. Top publisher on Facebook: BuzzFeed
15. Top fast food restaurant on Facebook (based on engagement): McDonald’s
16. Estimated average valuation per Facebook user: $122 million
17. Percentage of Facebook page posts that contain a photo: 75%
18. Percentage of Facebook page posts that contain a link: 10%

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