Amazon India launched a “Subscribe and Save” option, improving the palette of shopping options for online shoppers. 

The Subscribe and Save allow buyers to get their daily household essentials in a subscription program which features with monthly automatic delivery. Amazon’s technology platform enables consumer convenience on one hand and enables sellers to make efficient and predictable decisions related to procurement, stocking and listing on the other.

The service is available to users on both desktop systems and mobile devices from all areas of India.

Talking about the program, Mr. Saurabh Srivastava, Head FMCG at Amazon India said, “We realize that buying monthly household items require a lot of time and effort; first in terms of remembering to buy and then actually going and making a purchase. With “Subscribe and Save”, our core promise is focused on taking away the hassle associated with remembering to buy regular household items.”

After creation of the first Subscribe and Save subscription, items included in customer’s list will ship immediately with free standard shipping. The day of the first delivery becomes the customers’ default monthly delivery date, and all future subscriptions will arrive on the same date of the next month.

Customers can select a frequency for every item and automatic orders will be created based on the monthly delivery day based on the frequency set. If a customer needs an item sooner than the scheduled delivery day, they can request a subscribed item for immediate shipment. 

If you want to skip regular shopping excursions are want to enjoy the benefit of online shopping, enroll on the ‘‘Subscribe and Save” program. 

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