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An Interview with Akshat Singhal, Founder of is an online legal facilitation platform with an aim to bring in disruption and transparency in the legal system of our country. We develop backed technology services which could help users to solve their legal problems.



Q1. Hi Akshat, Welcome to DSIM. Let’s begin with how did you come up with the unique concept of online legal agreements for “”?

Ans. When I was in college, I was working on different startup projects. There were some legal issue that we were facing and then I actually realize that lot of startup and young entrepreneurs faced lot of legal dilemma on a daily basis. At that time, I thought about this and came up with Legistify & started working on it.

Q2. Unique idea! The name describes exactly what you provide. Was it easy to come up with the name and was the domain available?

Ans. We basically started by the name of Getlegal and that time we had a domain called We don’t have .com domain because someone running in abroad already had this domain. We gave it a lot of thought and then came to a realization that we needed a name which is far more accessible, far catchier, and far more self-explanatory and that’s how we came up this name. 

Legit is what that sounds something legal that’s how the term Legistify coined. Luckily, we got .com domain. It’s very simple if you have a unique name which actually describes your product or services.

Q3. Interesting Akshat. What is one mistake you’ve made, and what did you learn from it?

Ans. I personally made quite mistakes. Initially finding the right set of people to work on your idea because business is like your baby and you have to nurture it from the very beginning. You have to remain careful in each and every step you take, if you want to be successful and want to grow big.

That’s how I realized; initially, we made a lot of bad choices in terms of finding people who willing to work with us. We learned from it and now we have an additional team to take full care of it, to choose right person who fits in our organization.

Q4. Pretty Good Akshat. Social media marketing (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), email marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, which digital marketing model works best?
Ans. According to me, good content is the key. It is a digital zero budget marketing campaign as per as other marketing channels that concerned. Firstly, we have to know our target audience and what kind of target audience you want to operate on. We basically follow good content based marketing strategies. It is the most productive way to market your business online.
Q5. Akshat, what would you prefer to be – A high paying executive at an MNC or have a significantly low paying job at your own enterprise? Could you provide the reason to it?
Ans. You are pretty clear with my answer I give you, as per as my academic is concerned, I came from engineering background that too one of the top institutes in India and getting a job from this institute is not a tough call. We made certain sacrifices; everyone in my team, when it comes to leaving a high paying job.
Working together in your own enterprise gives satisfaction and there is a kind of zeal that we share.We personally believe that we have a long life to earn money and money comes secondary at this point of time. It’s rather important to make something valuable for others and actually help people. If everyone is going to think about making money, I think the world is going to be ruined.
Q6. Can you convince the reader to start using Legistify in under 50 words?

Ans. Our products and services are pretty convincing. We truly believe in helping more and more people with our legal issues and legal dilemma. Taking care of their legal issues is very important to us. This is something that makes us truly innovative and truly helpful for everyone. I think, this is good enough for all the users to actually come to our website.

Q7. We hope so! Now, at last, one more question, what is your message to those young people who have superb start-up ideas but don’t have the courage to proceed?

Ans. Never Give Up. Start early as you can. If you think you can do something big with the ideas and you have that determination then just go with it. Sacrifice everything for your idea & keep 100% focus on your business goal. It is always about being yourself and your venture.

“It was nice talking to you. Thank you so much for your time and providing us valuable information.”

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