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An Interview  with AVP Digital Marketing of, Ekesh Tewari is a one stop solution for students preparing for leading competitive exams. It is an online marketplace for all types of educational content – Books, Distance learning programs, e-learning courses, personal notes and peer to peer mentorship programs. Prozo is a search engine where students can buy resources such as books, e-learning content, coaching material and personal notes.


Q1.  Hello Ekesh. Welcome to DSIM. I will start directly with a question about Prozo. Can you explain a little bit about Prozo and how it works?
Ans. Prozo is a marketplace-cum-aggregator for mentors and sellers (individual & business) aimed to provide competitive exam aspirants with best of RESOURCES; be it physical or digital, new or used; and GUIDANCE through peer-to-peer mentorship programs besides services of admission consultants and counselors.
Q2.  You have a very different idea to provide resources for competitive exams. How your services act as boon for students?

Ans.  Prozo is addressing following challenges for students preparing for competitive exams:

a) Discoverability: How do I find all the different types of “study resource types” available in the market? Can’t I buy all types of material from one place ?

E.g. Study devices, Mock tests, Topper’s notes in physical and digital format, last 35 years solved question papers, video solutions for NCERT books concepts etc.

Prozo aggregates all universal types of study material; be it physical or digital and provides them on their online platform.

b) Options: Have I looked at all the options for “study materials” available in market? What are different brands offering? What are the latest additions to study material choices?

Prozo provides resources  from more than 45 brands and is a ” ratings and review ” based platform. Students can compare resources from different types  of providers and select the best resources for herself. Latest resources are picked by experts and are made available to students.Moreover, prozo has a panel of experts which creates “Prozo recommended packages” for ease of users.

c) Selection: Which study resources are best suited for me? Should I focus on just books or distance learning program or may be tablet learning? Should I study from toppers notes? How do I make a selection out of more than 2000 books available for my exam prep?

At prozo, it is very simple for user to choose the best resource for herself. Choose material based on

  • Ratings and reviews ( given by users)
  • Mentor blogs ( written by previous years toppers)
  • Prozo recommended packages ( prepared by our experts)
  • Speak to a mentor and customise your preparation

d) Advisory: Prozo will be one-stop shop for all advisory services that a students would want for becoming successful and finding a job.

  • Mentors for exam preparation: For all question related to exam or selection process e.g.What are best resources based on my strengths and weaknesses? What should be my plan for last 30 days before exam? As an ISB alumni, can you help me finetune my essays? Personal interview help etc
  • Mentors for job search: These mentors will help freshers prepare for jobs best suited for them and share their experiences of getting selected. e.g. An IIT-alumni working as Business Analyst in BCG (Bostan Consultancy Group ) helping 4th year student at IIT prepare for consulting job.
  • Admission consultants: For queries related to admission in India or Abroad. Prozo will have listings of leading admission consultants who will support students on various aspects on value chain.
  • Counselors: For all queries related career selection, students will have options to choose from mentors or counselors.
Q3.  There is lot’s of competition in today’s senerio. What’s unique about your services? How does prozo plan to get the student`s attention?

Ans.   a) Content Aggregation: Within a short span, we have become one of the largest aggregators of leading education content brands. Today, more than 45 brands are selling close to 5000 niche products  from our platform and almost an equal number are in pipeline.

b) Mentor Aggregation: Also, we have more than 250 mentors enrolled on our platform. These mentors are individuals with distinctive performance record. e.g. We have AIIMS Rank 1, AIIMS PG Rank1, JEE Mains rank 1, Gate top 10 rank holder available on our platform providing mentorship.

c) Discoverability and user friendliness: We rank much better on google (rank 6147 in India) than many other well established and funded competitors e.g. Edukart (rank 9124). Moreover, we are leading the search engine on some of the very competitive keywords such as “ competitive exams study material”, “study devices for competitive exams” and “tablet for competitive exams”.

Q4. Do you think digital marketing has helped you to meet prozo’s goal?

Ans. Yes, being an e-commerce platform, we have gathered much traction through digital marketing efforts. Our team is dedicatedly focused on SEO, Social Media Engagement and Content Marketing, and we have been driving good results with Digital Marketing, with almost 1 lac visitors on our website every month, and over 20000 page likes on Facebook.

Q5.  So, where do you see digital marketing in near future?

Ans. With all things going online and mobile, we feel that it will surely keep growing bigger, and there will be new and bigger yet solvable challenges as we move forward.

Q6.  Where do you see yourself and prozo 5 years from now?

Ans.Prozo aims to be the number 1 platform of choice for students preparing for competitive exams for all kinds of needs; be it related to content or advise.

In 5 years, we see ourselves as a company creating success stories for millions of students across the globe and no 1 platform of choice for all kinds of academic needs.

Q7. Finally, at the end of our interesting conversation, What message do you want to give to an aspiring entrepreneur?
Ans.The road to making a startup successful is a very difficult one indeed, but make informed decisions, be open to experimentation when it comes to digital as well as offline marketing and very importantly – fail fast, and you will eventually find the path to success!

“Thank you so much Ekesh for your time. DSIM wishes you best of luck for your future. Keep motivating and keep inspiring.”

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