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An Interview with Kanika Subbiah, CEO & Founder at Wedding Wishlist

Wedding Wishlist is the cool new way for prospective couples to receive the gifts they want, and minimize redundancy, waste and recycle so prevalent in wedding gifts.

It is a unique service that is focused on helping prospective couples start their married life equipped with the things they need. The couple can make a list of exactly the things they need/desire, and share it with their guests. The couple’s Wishlist serves as a guide for the guests who can choose a gift that appeals to them as well as fits into their budget.


Q1. Hi Kanika, I know from my own experience that each time I have this “unique great idea” I shortly discover that it has already been done before. How did this work in your case?

Ans. The idea was born when a friend shared her experience of receiving inappropriate and identical gifts at her wedding. This is an experience most newlyweds’ couple in India will relate to. During my stay in the US, I saw the concept of wedding registries firsthand; the returns were convincing – gifting was enormously easy and appropriate.

Exploring the huge gap that exists between gifts received and gifts desired at weddings by the couple, I thought of creating a one-stop destination for prospective couples and their guests to create a single platform where couples can decide:

  • What they want
  • How they want it
  • Where to send it

And thus was born the unique model of Wedding Wishlist was born to offer potential couples a way to start their life with gifts and experiences that are memorable.

Q2. Unique concept! I think there is quite a lot of competition in your business field. What’s special about Wedding wishlist?

Ans. Wedding Wishlist is an innovative concept of a wedding gift registry in India. The specialty about Wedding Wishlist is the couple makes a Wishlist of gifts they would like and share it with guests they feel comfortable sharing.

Wedding guests can buy any gift from the couple’s Wishlist that fits into their budget. Guests can even give a gift as a group. This way, the couple receives relevant gifts and guests can be confident their gift is meaningful and appreciated by the couple.

Overall, it reduces waste, discourages recycling of gifts, and confirms that the significant money spent on gifts is spent well.

Q3. Wonderful Kanika! What are the most effective ways for a company to promote itself online?

Ans. Our overall marketing strategy is focused on a healthy mix of online and offline marketing initiatives – robust digital communication and ground events. A message that is expressive, fun and interactive, and delivers its point to our target audience is what we aim for Digital video, compelling content & images across social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Additionally viral social experiments provide our target market food for thought and questions the traditional norms and gifting ideas. The essence of our communication is – ‘Bad gifts are a reality of Indian Weddings and the only way to get the right gifts one wishes for, is to create a Wishlist’!

Please ref to the link–

Q4. Interesting! What does digital marketing do for your business?

Ans. Digital marketing delivers our message and the concept of Wedding Wishlist in a creative, fun, expressive and interactive manner to our target audience. The overall aim is to use an engaging platform to convey the essence of a concept such as Wedding Wishlist that is new to the Indian wedding market.

Q5. Kanika, you have a team put up to work on the portal. How do you choose your first co-workers?

Ans. Our team has been handpicked by making the right hire and fostering a work atmosphere that empowers individuals to think, innovate and be ambassadors of change. There is a deep connect between our talent pool and the service we offer, each individual at Wedding Wishlist resonates the brand and is committed towards making the difference. The right attitude together with cheerful and positive disposition is what defines our team of 20 young, talent and inspired professionals.

Q6. What are some of the most critical projects that you have come across in your current role? How did you overcome the situation? What was your learning?

Ans. Like every startup, the critical areas that need attention are execution and operation. Finding the right talent pool of individuals and marketing the setup which works in a new area is what we are currently working on since our inception in February 2016. It’s not like jewelry, which people understand. We’re working on a concept which we need to explain to people and it has to be done in a manner that makes sense.

Q7. So what’s next for you? What does the future look like?

Ans. The future is exciting and promising. Apart from our intuitive website we are also launching a Wedding Wishlist mobile app. Innovation and creativity in the online space have recently witnessed a huge response and engagement towards our scanner film which was the result of a social experiment. Expanding our product and experience portfolio across a range that continues to be handpicked from a wide variety of offerings that appeal to this target market. Additionally, an introduction to a new portfolio of services is on the cards. This is supported by ground events, collaborative associations & partnerships as well as exclusive off ground events owned and executed by Wedding Wishlist.

Q8Kanika, how is an entrepreneur different from a businessman?
Ans. An entrepreneur owns a revolutionary idea by mostly identifying a problem or latent demand and therefore uses the idea to address the root cause of the problem, unlike a businessman who starts a business from an existing concept or idea. I would say an evolved businessman is what an entrepreneur is all about, an individual who owns and breathes life into an idea he/she believes can make a difference when it becomes a reality.


Q9. Finally, at the end of our conversation, how does it feel to be an entrepreneur? And you have any advice for young entrepreneurs?
Ans. It has been an amazing & fulfilling journey so far to be able to nurture an idea that can make a world of difference in the Indian wedding market. To see Wedding Wishlist take a life of its own every single day is what inspires me.

I firmly believe the skills that define an aspiring youth entrepreneur in no particular order are sincerity of purpose, positive attitude and passion. Prioritizing is a crucial skill to achieve somewhat of a balance, which is generally elusive for an entrepreneur.

“It was nice talking to both of you. Thank you so much for your time and valuable information. Best wishes from DSIM.”
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