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An Interview with Karandeep Singh Vohra, Founder of – is an online marketplace for anything and everything. It focuses on both long-term and short-term rentals across businesses and customers, currently spanning Delhi (NCR) and Bangalore. It is the only truly inventory less marketplace in India.



Q1. Hi Karandeep and welcome. Let’s talk about your business, what made you decide to start working on How did you come up with the idea?

Ans. The 3 of us were together at Said Business School, Oxford and at different stages of life decide to relocate to India. Our reasons to move back were to give back to the land that had given us plenty. We were looking for a business which always tied to the idea of incessant profit booking but also one which helped out people.

The Eureka moment came when my co-founder Abhijit and his wife Ketaki found that there is a market for sharing goods. Together with my other co-founder Harsh and his wife Anubha Verma they came up with the initial idea of Rentsher.

Q2. Magnificent Idea! I know that ideas are plenty, but going from an idea to actually doing something is the hardest part. How did this work in your case?

Ans. Prior to joining the Rentsher I had consulted and aided a few startups along their way. I had been looking for something that was unique and something which was a game changer in the market. So when Abhijit, Harsh and I discussed about it over coffee I knew I wanted to be a part of it. It certainly helped that we 3 knew each other well in college and respected each other’s opinion. 

Q3. Karandeep, we are curious to know, how do you promote your company? What digital marketing model works best for you? 

Ans. The best way of promotion is the word of mouth i.e. when our existing customers spread the word and help us get new customers. On the digital platform, a mix of blogging, social media campaigns and of course Google Adwords is our weapons of choice.

Q4. Great Karandeep. If you had INR 1000 to spend on advertising for the brand, what would you do and why?
Ans. The best way is to reach out to people by using the 1000 to feel the Rentsher experience. Our competitive advantage is that we manage the entire rental supply chain and hence once we get the people to our site and make our customers they are hooked.   
Q5. Do you feel challenged by other big players or more experienced entrepreneurs and corporate leaders?
Ans. Challenges are always good and we try and learn from them. Every challenge helps you look within and evaluate. We introspect, learn and come out knowing ourselves better and hence becoming stronger.
Q6. What’s the biggest risk you took in starting ONE?

Ans. Leaving a steady job and daring to dream to make Rentsher is the biggest risks but my grandfather used to tell me “No risk, No gain”

Q7. Karandeep, one more question, what’s your best piece of advice for fellow young entrepreneurs?

Ans. Focus on building a sustainable business and understand the intricacies of a market before you enter. Investor money should be used to consolidate existing position and exploring newer boundaries and should not be wasted on heavy discounting on the name of customer acquisition.

“Thanks for taking out time. Our readers will really get profited from your valuable suggestion. Best wishes to you and Rentsher from DSIM.”

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