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An Interview with Rohit Asil, Co-Founder of

Fracktal works, a startup in the 3D printing sector, founded by Vijay Raghav Varada and Rohit Asil. Fracktal Works are responsible for the FDM-based Snowflake printer, and they also offer a pair of additional printers, one a stereolithographic technology device, and the other which prints in chocolate.  The company also builds Project Cloud, an acetone refiner station, and a graphical touch screen printer controller as well as 3D printed biomedical devices.

Q1. Hi Rohit, it’s a pleasure to be doing this interview with you. Thank you for taking out the time. We are very curious to know more about your business?

Ans. Hey, great talking to you too. Fracktal is essentially a 3D printing manufacturing firm and we are getting into product designing and R&D. We have clients like Cisco, L&T, and Omega Elavators.

Q2. Very unique idea Rohit! Can you take us through the story behind Fracktal?
Ans. We started while we were still at college. My co-founder and I were a year apart at Manipal institute of Technology. We participated in a Business plan competition held by MUTBI, Manipal and the winners in this competition got 5 Lakh seed funding and are given some support to start a company.
Q3. What are the major problems that you have faced being a really young entrepreneur? What is your strategy to face problems?
Ans. We had problems like funding and legalities, however legalities are not a big problem now, and building the right prototype and demonstrating the functionality in a pitch well will always help in the funding element..
Q4. Rohit, how do you advertise your business? Tell us, what is the role of digital marketing in your market initiatives?
Ans. We use all the social media platforms for advertising. We also participate in a lot of events lie seminars and 3D print related expos.
Q5. So, where do you see the future of digital marketing in the industry?
Ans. The future of marketing is digital marketing. It’s here to stay. Digital media has more viewers than any other medium these days. Viewers for print media and broadcast media are dwindling. Advertisements online reaches the right audience.
Q6. Can you tell us, what services are you providing currently and can we see your company expanding the services in the coming time?
Ans. Right now we provide our basic 3D printing services. We are getting into product designing in a big way now. Our R&D services are getting there too; the idea is to build IP for clients which can productize in various manners.
Q7.We heard you had been funded by the investors this month. Let us know more about company’s funding?
Ans. We got funded by Neoteric Informatique which is a leading IT Distribution company. We cannot comment on the details of the funding as of now.
Q8. Rohit, if you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
Ans. For all the hardware enthusiasts and start ups out there, speed is important but it can kill process which is even more important. Do spend required amount of time in setting your process right and following it with utmost discipline.



“Thank you so much Rohit Asil for your time. DSIM wishes you best of luck for your future. Keep motivating and keep inspiring.”

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