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An Interview with Saurabh Mukhekar, Blogger at BlogSaays

Saurabh Mukhekar, a passionate tech blogger, educator, software engineer, speaker, social media strategist from Pune, India. Who love to work on edges over the center of his life.

A highly ambitious guy having a pursuit of an entrepreneurship, which was ignited by blogging from the year 2007. Blogging is no. 1 reason what he is right now and he is really grateful for that.

   Q1. Hey, Saurabh! You are an engineer by education, blogger by profession. Tell us something about your blog?
Ans. I run multiple blogs in my network where I write about technology, life hacks & 21st-century education using MOOCS. The reason I step into blogging is, to educate/help global audience using my knowledge & information. Because I strongly believe “Your Problems are Problems of Million People in this world.”
Q2. You are really a great blogger, what gave you a kick to start your career as a blogger?

Ans. My story is quite different, as I said I started blogging since 2007. That time Internet & blogging industry was a small baby in India. It was vacation time, I was installing MaxPayne game on my friends PC and suddenly something went wrong & his machine got corrupt. I was bit frightened as he bought a brand new machine in the year 2007, I immediately ran into my house connected my PC with 512KBPS BSNL modem & started looking solution on Google.Surprisingly, I landed to one powerful solution; I applied it on my friend’s machine… BOOM it worked!  That movement I realized the power of sharing your own knowledge using online platform & from that day I got married with (now to share everything I have.  Since that time this relationship created many powerful relations on the fly, which I’m really proud of it.

My ability to share and help people in tech space is the reason to kick start with a blogging field. Even at offline too. 🙂 

Q3. Interesting start! Saurabh, have you ever faced any hurdles while entering into the blogosphere .If yes then how you overcome them and became a successful blogger?

Ans. Yes absolutely! Every child goes through many challenges before he/she stand up properly. Similar with blogging, when I started with BlogSpot platform (now nothing was present to customize the content like we have right now. No WYSIWYG editor, no add-on features, no SEO settings etc.  But that was massive learning for me as starting from the scratch help me to gain more knowledge about web 2.0 technologies, which you will not get it from any book or degree.

Content distribution & Image hotlinking was a major issue I faced when I moved to WordPress platform but later I fixed it using proper configurations. Research is the only way to fix anything in blogging though its technical, non-technical or marketing etc.

Q4. Saurabh, did you ever think that a blog will turn you in to an entrepreneur?
Ans. Yes I thought about it but that time I was friendlier with word “Business” over an “Entrepreneur”.  I’m really happy that I’m in pursuit of entrepreneurship as I’m trying & executing lots of things these days. Every step is learning curve for me & all your best wishes surely pushing me forward in this space.
Q5. All the very best for your future. What is the revenue model for your blog and how much you are earning with your blog?

Ans. Thanks, your blessings are oxygen. Keep them coming!!!We have multiple revenue models according to the current market.

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Adsense
  3. Sponsored Articles
  4. Email campaigns.

If you ask revenue w.r.t learning then it’s in million, no doubt money is the fuel which drives our vehicle. I’m earning good amount of money, which helped me to buy my Honda CBR 150R, Macbook Pro, International trips, many Gadgets etc.  I purposely don’t want to disclose this because this will attract people who want to start blogging just because of money, without hustle & efforts. Fast-food is always dangerous for health and it’s not an exception in blogging industry too. 

Q6. What is the future of blogging? Do you think it will be the one of the most promising career in the coming time?

Ans. Future of blogging is a bit different than now as we all aware that this space is getting crowded, only Unique QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY articles will be survive in near future. So it’s an exciting for us to give as much as you can. Future will be an amazing & platform independent as text content will join hands with video, which will create powerful context.I’m 100% sure that this will be the promising career which will create more employment.

Blogging is freedom of working from anywhere and who don’t want it? Right!

Q7. As this space i.e. blogosphere is getting competitive day by day. So, what tips you want to give to the newbie’s blogger?

Ans. Number one thing I want to suggest to newbie blogger is “Stop Discussing too much on Social Media, Start focusing on your own shit”. Becoming audience of $$$$$$ earners will not help you to make single $, you must learn from them, not from their income figures. Believe me, guys 98% are fakes and number game never ever work out. Be the part of value game, number will start following you. Patience is master key in blogging. It takes months to get results, so be persistent till you will not crush it.Do proper research about the topic you want to write like who will read this, how many people are looking for this topic, keyword research etc. Once you are ready, go and create valuable content for your readers. Embedding video, info graphics is like a cherry on the cake.

Never loose a chance to surprise your audience in the right way. Remember If content is KING, marketing is the QUEEN. So do some content distribution strategies either using social sharing or using paid advertisement campaign like Google, Facebook, Instagram advertisement etc.

Build good relations with fellow bloggers & readers, because networking is a key to unlock endless possibilities. Be the selfless person while offering any help. I saw many bloggers don’t reply to comments, which is not a good practice. Doing so you invite returning audience for your blog as well as you create your own credibility. 

Q8. Saurabh, who all are the bloggers you get inspiration from?

Ans. There are many like Harsh Agarwal, Amit Agarwal, Joel On Software etc.  The list is endless…





Q9. Tell us 3 mantras that help you to become a blogger in a very short span of time?

Ans. Haaa… even I also don’t have a clear picture of it but yes early adoption is a major key. Focusing on RQD i.e. Research, Quality and Distribution is really important to stand out of the crowd. Always look for depth over width. Don’t’ create followers build listeners.

Q10. What is the future of Digital Marketing ?What all are the channels you are using most to bring the targeted traffic to you website?

Ans. Digital marketing happening RIGHT NOW! So in future it will be in high demand for every B2B or B2C market. Platform will change but applying strategies will not! So first observe where attention is, right now I’m highly using Facebook paid campaign, newsletters and Instagram platform. I’m also focusing on Snapchat and Periscope.

Because our next generation will not have Facebook they will have either Snapchat or something else. So to understand the behavior of new platform is a real talent of any Internet marketer.

Q11. Thought for our readers?

Ans. In single line I can say “Learning happens by repeating the task, so learn, do mistakes but try not to repeat those mistakes”. While learning DM make a habit of learning timeline along with its execution. All the very best, just do it!  

“It was nice talking to both of you. Thank you so much for your time and valuable information. Best wishes from DSIM.”

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