Bing Ads introduced ‘Maximize Clicks’ with the automated bidding feature. This feature aimed at maximizing the number of clicks advertisers can receive within their budgets.

They added the Enhanced CPC bid strategy in August 2016, which automatically adjusts bids up or down based on the determined chance that a click will convert.

How to get started

There are two ways to get started with Maximize Clicks:

1. In the Campaigns tab, there is a header option labeled Bid strategy type. Within this menu option, you can select Automated bidding: ‘Set my bid to maximize clicks.’


2. In your campaign settings, there is a section labeled Bid strategy. Here you can select Automated bidding: Set my bid to maximize clicks from the drop-down menu.


To set up manual bids for any ad group or keyword, you choose which ones and then select the ‘Use my bid’ option under the Bid strategy menu of any ad group or keyword grid.


Note that – Maximize Clicks is not yet available for Bing Shopping Campaigns and does not yet work with third-party bidding platforms.

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