What you will find in this Case Study?

1) About Stellar

2) Stellar Business Objective

3) Strategy adopted by Stellar

4) Challenges for Stellar

5) How Stellar handled the challenge

6) Results Achieved


About Stellar

Established in 1993, Stellar is the most trusted name in the data recovery industry in India. It provides almost each type of services and solutions in data recovery. Stellar is one to have world’s most advanced data recovery labs.

Stellar, the name is itself enough to tell the history of data recovery. It has now become leader in the data recovery market serving more than 2 million clients from all over the world. It has expertise in File Recovery, Email Recovery, Hard Disk Recovery, Server Recovery etc.

Stellar is quite big on technology and it recovers data due to any cause like it may be virus attack, system crash, hardware failure or any other reason. With the expertise in data recovery, Stellar is the one stop solution for all the recovery need.

Stellar has solution for data recovery no matter what the operating system the client is using. Apart from data recovery solutions, Stellar also deals with virus removal and make the corrupted file work again.

People living in Delhi must have visited Nehru Place and seen the office of Stellar over there. Other than Delhi it has offices in all the major cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, NCR and many others.

Stellar’s Business Objectives

Stellar wants to expand their services in the field of data recovery. Currently working successfully in 19 countries worldwide, Stellar wants to expand their services more deeply in Europe, UK and USA. Apart from this they are moving towards making their website language optimized for local European market.

Strategy adopted by Stellar

Stellar running successfully in many countries worldwide knew the importance of digital marketing and they decided to make best use of digital marketing tools to expand their business organically. For the reason they decided to make use of SEO as it was the best way to expand organically.

Challenges for Stellar

The biggest challenge for Stellar was that they had not their web page optimized according to SEO standards. Some of the pages on the website were useless and even their design was outdated. Thus Stellar started with designing their web pages according to the set standards to be SEO optimized using certain keywords.

The main objective of the company was to get more visibility according to the used two sets of keyword but later they realized to increase the number of keywords. Use of competitive keyword made the challenge more challenging but they kept on focusing on their particular keyword and started the SEO Campaign.

However the main strategy of doing SEO marketing was to bring the clients to their website and make them able to download their softwares to try for free and manuals tom understand the working of softwares.

How Stellar handled the challenge?

The best team of Stellar started the campaign and ran it for almost 2 months that ended up with superb results. The SEO team worked closely with the sales team of Stellar to understand the needs of the clients. Apart from working with the sales team, they went through all the manuals and help files to get in-depth understand of the products and their data recovery products.

Results Achieved

The SEO experts saw a huge result of their SEO Campaign and noted that their website traffic increased by 400%, out of which 50% came directly via search engines. This direct result achieved through search engine optimization gave the company a huge growth rate in the unreached space. They were now reached to more places which was on their target. Growing traffic gave a rapid hike in the sales of the company and Stellar saw a growth of 75% in its sales.

Additionally, brilliant result that Stellar achieved was that their website was now optimized in several regional European languages including French, Deutsch, Italian and many others.

  • Website traffic increased by 400%: Running SEO campaign, the company received a crowd of visitors on its website that increased the website traffic by 400%.
  • Search engines contributed around 50% of the web traffic: SEO campaign running for almost 2 months brought more than 50% of the total site traffic through various search engines.
  • Software and manual downloads increased by 10x: SEO campaign helped Stellar in increasing the number of software downloads to try for free. Later the users purchased the softwares as they found it quite useful for their business and personal use.
  • Sales through website increased by 75%: SEO campaign increased the website traffic and hence software downloads increased resulting in increasing the sales for the company by 75%.
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