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    [Case Study]- 4 Brands Introducing Innovative Social Media Practices

    By DSIM Team / 23/06/2017

    Do you ever read social media marketing case studies of brands for motivation? Different brands had different budgets, different goals and very different ways of achieving them. This case study highlights 4 brand case studies of businesses that have stood out by applying innovative social media marketing strategies. All of these were creative, ambitious and […]


      Case Study: How MakerBot doubled its Facebook Ads ROI?

      By DSIM Team / 15/06/2017

      Facebook advertising is closely important to the success of business’s social media marketing efforts. Creating excellent targeted ads to a niche audience is an incredible way to convert traffic into sales. These ads can be some of the toughest ads to create, as you have to be in it for the long game. However, if […]


        [Case Study]- 5 Brands to Teach You the Power of Visual Content

        By DSIM Team / 08/06/2017

        Content Marketing is an effective strategy to attract, acquire and retain the significant audience for your brand. However, when it comes to winning an audience and converting them into customers, you can rely upon visual marketing. Visuals can tell your company story, boost awareness and drive more traffic to your product or service. Brands can use […]


          Rebranding Done Right or Wrong?: 5 Examples To Learn From

          By DSIM Team / 01/06/2017

          Rebranding is the hottest marketing trend in a prompt of efforts to appear fresh, new and significant for today’s audiences. It refers to the repositioning, refreshing & rejuvenating of a brand and in some cases as even having a brand bring totally ‘REBORN’. Many companies have tried and most fail. A successful campaign needs more […]


            [Case Study]- 3 Real life examples of winning Affiliate Websites

            By DSIM Team / 25/05/2017

            Affiliate marketing is an effective way to monetize your website traffic because it allows you to present your visitors with offers that they are likely to be interested in. And, it has been a long-standing monetization strategy on the web. Affiliate simply means generating revenue from traffic. Being an affiliate in the internet marketing business […]


              Email Marketing Case Study: Moz vs. HubSpot

              By DSIM Team / 19/05/2017

              When used correctly, email marketing can increase sales, keep customers interested in your brand, and dramatically improve your overall ROI. When used wrongly, email marketing can irritate, bore or even defy people against your business. Seeing as email is one of the best communication channels to connect with users, it makes sense that these companies have email […]


                Baahubali Has Become Marketers’ New Favorite Guide – A Case Study

                By DSIM Team / 05/05/2017

                Baahubali movie has been one of the most awaited and expensive movies running successfully all across. The extraordinary buzz & hype led Baahubali to be a tsunami at the box-office on the first day of its release. A few interesting facts about the movie Baahubali: Baahubali is the most expensive movie ever produced in the […]


                  What really went wrong with Snapdeal?- A case study

                  By DSIM Team / 29/04/2017

                  Beleaguered online marketplace Snapdeal is going through troubled breaks. Struggling to raise fresh capital, confuting against internal conflicts, once an e-commerce major Snapdeal has decided to stop all non-core actions, reduce costs and handover pink slips to employees to turn cost-effective. Earlier Snapdeal was the 2nd best alternative for people after Flipkart but emergence and […]


                    5 Important Lessons You Can Learn From Uber’s Mistakes: A Case Study

                    By DSIM Team / 20/04/2017

                    It’s been a bad few experiences for Uber. Revelation of sexual harassment, public blowbacks, losing money and competition forcing it to lose even more money, CEO’s shouting matches over diminishing pay, bad PR & marketing, are a few of the Uber’s worst screw-ups that led this brand to subject huge criticism in recent times. Here, in […]


                      [Case Study]- Digital Payment Landscape In India 2017: Trends & Future

                      By DSIM Team / 14/04/2017

                      Last updated on May 28th, 2019 at 02:58 pmIndia’s digital payment system will be worth around $500 billion by 2020. Their prediction sees the digital payments sector contributing to 15% of India’s gross domestic product (GDP) in four years’ time. Multiple factors and official & behavioral trends are fueling this shift towards a cashless economy. […]


                        [Case Study]- Storytelling: The reason why it matters for conversion?

                        By DSIM Team / 08/04/2017

                        Last updated on January 13th, 2020 at 02:41 pm Why Storytelling is a powerful way to breathe life into your brand? Because it differentiates you from your competitors in the space. Emotional branding has always remained a progressive marketing strategy and holds immense potential to drive revenue and increase customer retention, ultimately helping you to win […]


                          [CASE STUDY]- Paytm has proven to be the smartest online travel player

                          By DSIM Team / 30/03/2017

                          Last updated on April 1st, 2017 at 07:47 pmPaytm founded by Vijay Shekhar Sharma in 2010 under the company name ‘One97 communication’ started its journey as an online recharge platform and in 2014, it has transformed into one of the largest e-commerce marketplaces. In 2015 it moved into travel booking segment. Recently, Alibaba has bought 25% […]


                            [CASE STUDY]- B2B Lead Generation: Then & Now

                            By DSIM Team / 23/03/2017

                            Marketing is continually advancing, and that implies new tactics are always emerging, trends are continually shifting, and the same goes for audience behavior. And, when you remain aware with the recent insights and technology, it helps you optimize your funnel for producing and converting leads. With the twitch of the internet and explosion of social […]


                              Why startups fail? If do, then it’s not the end! – A Case Study

                              By DSIM Team / 09/03/2017

                              Last updated on April 18th, 2019 at 01:02 pmIn recent times, we have seen the birth of incredible new-age startups in India. The Indian business network has seen significant growth for the startups – both in terms of the number of startups operating and the amount of funding secured. What are common among these startups? […]


                                Marketing on YouTube with Top Influencers: A Case Study

                                By DSIM Team / 23/02/2017

                                 YouTube remains to be a platform that focuses on making the better user experience. It is not just the most widely-viewed social media channel; it has become the destination of choice for users looking for the latest information on products and services. For advertisers and agencies, the goal is to reach your audience in new, […]


                                  The Possibilities in LinkedIn Marketing: A Detailed Case Study

                                  By DSIM Team / 16/02/2017

                                  LinkedIn: A Powerful Marketing Tool with Media, Partnerships and Clients. ‘LinkedIn is a social network where mostly professionals and businesses connect.’ Overview When LinkedIn started in 2003 it was a simple Java application with a web server. Today the company calls itself the world’s largest professional network and is known as a powerhouse network that […]

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