Under ‘Digital India’ mission, Indian Government has made nation’s first and largest multilingual dictionary, access to which is entirely online. Named as, this dictionary can right now decipher words from 22 different languages, and is and in the coming days, Government plans to include100 more languages into the platform.

The app was launched by Union HRD Minister, Smt Smriti Irani at Lucknow, wherein she said that BharatVani has been launched under PM Modi’s Digital India mission, and it will help to showcase the tradition and culture of India to the outside world; and it has the potential to bring in a vernacular revolution inside the country.

“More than 40 crore Indians use Hindi language to communicate. They read and write in Hindi. Unfortunately, less than 1% content is available in Indian languages in cyberspace,” said Smt Smriti Irani.

 “It is the largest Internet language site in the world which will facilitate online cross-lingual learning courses enabling people to learn any language,” she added.

This aspiring multilingual dictionary project is being executed by The Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL).

The Government has determined 4 main objectives of launching BharatVani online dictionary:

  1. Under Open Knowledge movement, this dictionary shall be the single point reference for understanding and learning various languages of India. It has been hailed as the first and largest multilingual dictionary in India
  2. Using technology, Government shall protect and nurture regional languages from India, and enable easy access to the online tools for learning them
  3. Such online dictionary shall help India to ‘foster national integration’
  4. This first initiative of Indian Govt. to encapsulate regional languages will help Indian technology companies to integrate regional languages into their products and creations.

Govt. has also launched an app of this dictionary, which can be downloaded from Google Playstore.

Content would be published in the app under the following 6 main sections:

  1. PaaThyapustaka Kosha: Textbooks
  2. Jnana Kosha: Knowledge base (Digitisation underway)
  3. Shabda Kosha: Dictionaries
  4. Bhasha Kosha: Language learning
  5. Suchanaa Praudyogikii Kosha: IT tools (Linked to TDIL)
  6. Bahumaadhyama Kosha: Multimedia

Right now, this app is being supported by 35 multilingual dictionaries, which would be expanded to 250 dictionaries in the coming days. The portal aims for ‘Digital Kranti’ (revolution) in government’s Digital India mission.

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