As per Indian Government, “Digital Literacy is the ability of individuals and communities to understand and use digital technologies for meaningful actions within life situations”.


Communications and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, “In the next three years, the government aims to take digital literacy to at least 50% from the current level of 15%”.

Indian Government’s dedication and sincerity towards making all Indians empowered with Internet and Technology have received a new push; as targets have been assigned for its implementation.

At an event to award the winners of the “Digital India Week’s Online Quiz Competition on Cyber Safety and Cyber Awareness”, Prasad said 100% Digital literacy was needed to make India a truly digitalized society, and setting a new benchmark globally.

He said, “World is keenly watching developments in India and it is the responsibility of the youth to come up to expectations.”

The function was organized to award certificates to school children who had won this competition wherein 32 lakh school children participated from all over the India. The quiz was related with Cyber Bullying, Social Media misuse, Identity theft, Hacking, Mobile crimes, eFrauds among other skills.

Under PM Modi, Govt. has already launched the ‘National Digital Literacy Mission’ (NDLM), under which, around 52 lakh Indians would be imparted knowledge about Digital, Internet and Technology.

Their website shows a live stream of updates, wherein the names and images of those students who have cleared their assessments are shared and highlighted.

The course related with Digital Literacy has been strategically divided into two parts:

1) Appreciation of Digital Literacy (10 hours course)

2) Basics of Digital Literacy (40 hours course)

Designed for all citizens between 14 to 60 years, there are two types of eligible candidates of this course:

1) Level 1: Non-IT literate – Illiterate and upto 7th standard pass

2) Level 2: Non-IT literate with atleast 8th standard pass

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