Digital Marketing In 2014: The Objectives, Challenges, Priorities And Much More…

Digital Marketing in 2014: The Objectives, Challenges, Priorities and Much More…

By DSIM Team / 28/08/2014


The marketing game has changed. Innumerable devices and channels, connected through an ever-expanding network that never slumbers, have united to restructure virtually every aspect of the customer experience.

To help you catch up on these changing trends, here is a report based on a research conducted among more than 500 marketers that provides perspective on the evolving landscape of digital marketing and offers insights that marketers can use to become cross-channel marketing masterminds on the edge to win in this new arena.

Top Objectives


Improve Awareness: 17%
Generate Leads: 41%
Drive Sales: 27%


Improve Awareness: 27%
Generate Leads: 18%
Drive Sales: 40%

Where are Marketers Investing Now?

“Search marketing outsourcing doubled last year in comparison to 2012 and this year it is even more than that!”

63% to spend more on content
75% to spend more on mobile

“1 in 5 B2B marketers have generated revenue from social media while in case of B2C, its 1 in 3!”

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Top Challenges


21%: Generating enough leads
19%: Producing enough quality content
18%: Converting leads to customers


25%: Measuring ROI
22%: Converting leads to customers
14%: Integrating content across channels

“26% don’t know which channel delivers the best leads!”

“33% don’t know which channel generates the most revenue!”

Marketers’ biggest priorities for digital marketing

How Does Data collected through analytics Benefit the Organization

Which Analytics are used mostly?

Benefits of Customer Analytics

Barriers to achieving better Customer Analytics


Numbers speak for themselves!


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For working professionals & entrepreneurs
Learn how to market a business online just like experts & agencies do it.
Learn from real practitioners not just trainers.
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Learn how to market a business online just like experts & agencies do it.
Learn from real practitioners not just trainers.
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