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An Interview with Mr. Varun Kalra, Technical Support at Adobe and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee

He shares his experience with us how digital marketing helped him in his profession.

Q1. Working at Adobe! Great! Varun, what all projects are you handling at Adobe as Technical Support Executive?
Ans. As Technical support executive at Adobe, I am handing digital marketing products, consulting, Testing for Adobe’s e-learning, publishing and Web Products. I am also helping Adobe Business Catalyst customers with their site’s SEO, SEM, SMM, setting up web analytics and digital marketing campaigns.
Q2. Wonderful! So, are you satisfied with your career status now?
Ans. Yes! I am pretty much satisfied with my career status. Getting job in Adobe and working there is a big thing. I think pretty good future in Adobe.
Q3. All the very best Varun. What motivated you to endure a digital marketing training?
Ans. Well, I am working as technical support. We support our clients in their queries. Our client has queries related to the products like SEO, SMM or they want to run organic campaign. That’s motivates me to do digital marketing training.
Q4. If we talk about digital marketing, it is the top most industry, so what do you think is the scope of digital marketing?
Ans. Digital Marketing is a mushrooming industry with surplus of openings. The gigantic demand of skilled Digital Marketing Professionals in India is opening gates of positive future. The world of marketing has seen a great revolution in past few years. Since the industry is embryonic, people in India are not much aware about it. Digital marketing industry is worth in billions! This will open new gates for Digital Marketers to not only run display ads online, but also offline which the users will be able to interrelate via their mobile phones.
Q5. Nicely explained Varun. How was your overall training experience and how would you rate the DSIM on scale of 10?
Ans. I would like to give 9 out of 10 for DSIM training. Training is wonderful. I love it, the class is very simple, the trainers give us enough time for each course module to finish our projects and they explain all of the information in a proper way. I must say, it is the best choice I had made. I would most definitely choose DSIM again if I could do it all over again, I constantly tell my friends about DSIM, because I know that they have interest in digital industry.

Q6. So, before concluding, give a comment to the mass especially the job seeker?
Ans. Digital Marketing industry is one of the best to chase for those who are enthusiastic user of internet, innovative and love to discover something new every time. It promises optimistic career and finest growth. By learning digital marketing you can do freelancing, blogging and can handle other projects. The prospective of digital marketing in the last few years have currently dived into this ocean of opportunities offered by the internet.
Mr. Varun Kalra completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in June 2015.
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