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An Interview with Mr.Utkarsh Wadhwa, (IT) student, Internet Marketer and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee

He shares with us how digital marketing help him to increase traffic on his websites.

Q1. What are you doing currently?

Ans. Currently, I am pursuing (IT) from Galgotia College, Greater Noida. I am an internet marketer and I have my own blogging websites named and is related to cyber security and technology needs and is about digital marketing.

Q2. Why did you choose digital marketing as the line of career?

Ans.Previously, I was in a cyber security firm, and my field is also in IT. My website is running since October 2014.  The problem which I was facing is that it was not getting enough traffic and I am able to do proper SEO. So, I thought to take some SEO advice from a consultant. When I enquire about that the charges for a month is very high. Then, I thought why not I learn digital marketing and do it myself, when I have a technical hand. That`s why I choose digital marketing.  I enjoyed and loved it.
Q3. Talking about digital marketing; it is believed to be the top most industry in the coming future. What’s your opinion on this?

Ans.I believe that Digital marketing is a highly rewarding sector.  The opportunities for a Digital Marketing professional are huge in India right now. This is not just in terms of career growth opportunities, but in monetary terms as well.
Q4.How was your overall training experience @DSIM? How would you rate the trainers @ DSIM?

Ans.Overall experience with DSIM was exceptionally good. I have learned a lot here. Classes were fun, interesting and worth doing it.The trainers are amazing with good knowledge. Trainers Mr. Gaurav, and Mr. Sahil are with strong technical fronts, very supportive. They supported me during the training period and still they are connected with me. I would rate all trainers 10 out of 10.
Q5. Is there something you would like to put across to the young job seekers?
Ans.If someone wants to pursue a job in digital marketing then DSIM is a great platform and the training curriculum design in such a way that any newbie into this field can learn a lot of knowledge from this course.
Mr. Utkarsh Wadhwa  completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in April 2015.
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