ALLAPPPRESS’ is a web service that helps you create optimized mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms using your websites. Integrated with powerful API, this mobile app creator tool helps you bring the transformation in real time & conveniently and allows you edit or modify your apps as well.

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What it is?

With the help of this app generator tool, even if you are a professional with no coding or technical experience, you can easily build your unique customized mobile apps. Helping businesses to drive in real results, this do-it-yourself platform has become of much implication. All you need to do is to follow few steps.

How you can create your app?

It’s really easy to create apps with the help of this tool, here we go:


  1. Login to ‘ALLAPPPRESS’.
  2. Click ‘Create an app’.
  3. Fill in your website address, and icons for app launcher and splash screen.
  4. Click ‘Build/Generate App’.
  5. Download your app and transfer it to multiple App Stores such as Google Play.

Services with Pricing:

Upload app to Google Play Store$15
Upload app to iTunes App Store$25
Upload apps to both Google Play + iTunes App Store$29
Convert your PSD to high quality HTML5+CSS3+javascript/jquery$25 / Page
Build eye catchy and user-friendly responsive websites$25 / Page
Create beautiful custom email templates$35
UI / UX Design$49
Create dazzling launcher icons and splash screens.$5
CMS / Ecommerce$39

Benefits & Features:

  • Works as a mobile app developer
  • Has awesome appearance & functionality
  • Turns websites into mobile apps in minutes
  • Easily builds iOS and Android Apps
  • Uploads custom icons
  • Customizes & uploads splash screens
  • Configures push messages and helps you receive notifications in visual alerts
  • Customizing icons brings visual appeal to your menu page
  • Monetizes your app through ADMOB
  • Great for small businesses
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