TrendSpottr is a real-time trend intelligence platform that forecasts emerging content, influencers and trends for any topic or interest. The service is used expansively by brands, organizations and advertisers to advance rising trends over the social web.
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What it has?

TrendSpottr is a web service which has tools to help businesses discover the timely and applicable information about any topic and better benefit from it for promotion, editorial or other purposes. It passes predictive trend alerts and makes user prepared to do high-level monitoring. With its use, individuals who don’t have sufficient time to deal with the dashboard constant notices; can effortlessly remain up-to-date with the drifting interests. Services have been categorized and are offered as TrendFeed, TrendSpottr Signal and TrendSpottr Alerts

How it works?

It works similar to as of a search engine. You simply need to enter a keyword, topic, hashtag, or @name into the TrendSpottr search bar and it drives initiating a search for trends about the entered query. You can prefer to click on any of the favored topics i.e. Politics, Technology, Economy, Sports and so on to see inclining content for.
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The calculations (algorithms) here are tuned to find trends at the increasing speed, to give early and prescient bits of knowledge. These early understandings are of great importance to brands, marketers, advertisers, journalists and crisis managers, as they are provided with the opportunities to drive assistance out of viral possibilities, embraced within favoring information.

Subtle Features

  • Spots sources you may not find all alone
  • Finds Trending Industry News and B2B content
  • Keeps you ahead of the arc of emerging news, Influencers, events, content and conversations
  • Sends customized alerts for any keyword, topic or hashtag via emails
  • Has: TrendFeed, Signal, Alerts, Widgets and API.
  • It integrates as an application on different platforms (e.g. Hootsuite)


Free trial/Paid (Based on service type)

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