A digital marketplace for enabling farmers to sell their agri-products to any buyer, there by controlling the price and profits at anywhere in the country will be launched on April 14, 2016, on Ambedkar Jayanti.

PM Modi, who unveiled guidelines for the recently-launched Prime Minister’s Crop Insurance Scheme at a rally here, said this was one of the various initiatives of his government aimed at ensuring the welfare of the farmers who have been in distress due to vagaries of weather.

Speaking at a rally in Madhya Pradesh, PM Modi said, “We are setting up a National Agriculture Market, a virtual and digital platform, in the coming days.” PM Modi is all set to revolutionize agriculture in India, by linking it with Digital India mission, and thereby enabling a platform which will empower our farmers.

Besides the Crop Insurance Scheme, he spoke about Soil Health Card scheme, PM’s Irrigation Scheme, Organic farming, ensuring adequate availability of urea and ethanol-blending programme to help the sugarcane farmers and also pitched for ‘Start-Up’ initiatives in agriculture sector.

As per studies conducted by Reuters, 94% of farmers in India are dependent on fellow farmers for information related with price of crops (which is often biased), sellers’ information while only 4% rely on TV/Radio while 3% depend on Govt. appointed officers.

However, with the rapid, exponential expansion of mobiles and Internet pan-India, Government is now laying the foundation of a Digital based support system, and this is the best thing to have happened to Indian farmers.

Considering that middlemen take away 47% of the price of rice, 25% of the price of groundnuts and 60% of the price of the potatoes, the new Digital Marketplace will be a blessing for our farmers.

As per reports emerging, Government has allocated a massive budget of INR 200 crore for creating one of its kind National Agriculture Market online trading portal, which will connect 585 mandis all over the country.

At the rally, the Prime Minister said all states as well as agriculture community should take a pledge to double the farmers’ income by 2022, the 75th year of the country’s Independence. “We will do whatever is required achieve this.”

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