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An Interview with Mr. Parth Shrivastava, Digital Marketer at Accenture and DSIM’s Ex-Trainee

He shares with us how digital marketing helped him in getting a decent job.

Q1. Hi Parth, you have got a job in Accenture as a digital marketer just after you completed your digital marketing training and that too being a fresher? So, how it feels like?
Ans. I had completed (computer science) in 2014. I have interest in digital marketing and I want to explore digital space. That’s why I joined DSIM. During my training, I got many job offers and freelancing projects. I was just waiting for good opportunity. It really feels great, can’t explain in words. Getting a job in top MNC’s like Accenture is like a dream comes true.
Q2. Great Parth, nice to hear that. So, you are satisfied with your career status?
Ans. Yes, I am pretty much satisfied with my job profile. Being a fresher getting job in Accenture is a wonderful feeling.
Q3. Very well Parth. You graduated in 2014 and you must be having some plans about your career. Why did you choose digital marketing as the line of career?
Ans. When I completed my graduation, I saw two fields that emerging, first is online marketing and second is web developing. I don’t have interest in developing. So, I choose online marketing.Firstly, I came to DSIM, just to learn SEO. But after counseling I got to know, digital marketing is very vast field. I learned about paid marketing, how to grab freelancing project etc.
Q4. Parth, talking about digital marketing is vast field; we would like to know more about scope of digital marketing from you? Please tell us about your views in this regards.
Ans.  Digital Marketing Industry is very growing Industry. Because every successful Industry they need a website or online platform. The best thing with Digital Marketing is you can target your niche market. Here you can track your conversion unlike traditional marketing. Digital marketing scope will rise with the rise in internet penetration and internet users. When the customers are available online the brands will definitely target them using the same platform and Digital Marketing is the best choice for it.
Q5. Nicely explained Parth. How was your overall training experience and how would you rate the trainers @ DSIM?
Ans. DSIM is wonderful, it opens a lot of doors in digital space that otherwise would remain closed. DSIM prepares the student for their career. There are opportunities everywhere, I’ve gotten job offers just by saying I did my digital marketing course from DSIM. Overall rating for DSIM trainers is 9 out of 10. Trainers give extra knowledge other than course curriculum. The knowledge they provide helped me in my interviews. I am able to give answers about Adwords, Adsense, and Analytics. Overall, I would like to say, it was a great institute, and I love DSIM.
Q6. So, before we finish it up, do you have any message for the masses especially the job seekers?
Ans. I would like to advice that you should go for your interest. Don’t confuse. Choose wisely.Sometimes, we have opted different degree but we have interest in something else. Go for your interest. Love what you have interest in. Digital marketing industry has a lot of career opportunities, for entrepreneurs as well as job seekers. Digital marketing is future.
Mr. Parth Shrivastava completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in November 2015.
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