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Apart from providing a productive marketing platform, Facebook consistently revitalizes its social media marketing resources to bring better results for marketers.

This time the company is making its Ad Library tool more accommodating to include information about all active ads from any type.

Earlier, the Ad Library only comprised political and nation-based information.

Previously, Ad Library was searchable only through keywords, but now it can be searched by page.

Along with finding the details of all ads running on a page, the details about the overall impression, who viewed the ad and ad spend details can also be retrieved.

The Library comprises information about ads throughout all of Facebook’s platforms.

See this example-

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In the example, you can see a drop-down list to filter ads by country.  Ad Library can also notify which is a dynamic ad and had numerous versions.

Ad Library may lock your account for too many searches, so search smartly.

More Information about Facebook Pages

Ad Library will now display more information about Facebook pages themselves, such as:

Ad Library will show the following information about Facebook pages themselves-
  • Page creation date
  • Previous Page merges
  • Name changes
  • Primary country location of people who manage the Page

As of now, the information can be accessed within a new “Page Transparency” section on Facebook pages.

Ad Library Report

“Starting in mid-May, we’ll update the Ad Library Report for ads related to politics or issues daily, rather than weekly.”

Everyone can download the reports.

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