Facebook officially made it possible for marketers to strike conversations with people in messenger ad bot.

All those brands which use Facebook developer’s tools to manage their conservations will be very happy with this inaugural ad format. They can easily strike audience with their sponsored messages.

Facebook was testing this change of sponsored messages since April 2016. These ads will be visible to audience on Facebook, experiencing an open, existing conversation with a brand.

Facebook will charge advertisers every time the ad will be shown in user’s messenger bot. Whether the user opens its sponsored message dialog box or not, advertisers have to pay the same amount to Facebook.

The sponsored message which will appear on the messenger bots can have a link and a photo into it. The message should be appropriate according to the Facebook rules then only it will be shown in the bot.

Brands can incorporate Facebook Messenger on their sites so that they can prompt people with the help of chat box. Brands can either decide on people for receiving messages by default or people can choose themselves that whether they want to opt in or not.

On November 8, 2016 Facebook legally made it possible for all the advertisers to convert their Facebook messenger’s bots into ad bot. Through the method, big brands can directly link sponsored messages to users’ messenger box.

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