Facebook is going to land a hand in recruiting business ways by introducing job listings on pages. New career intelligence and recruiting system set up to hire visitors.

Facebook noticed that many small businesses used to post about job vacancies in their news feed. The research team has conducted two studies and both the results pointed towards the use of Facebook graph  for career insights. So, they are considering using their network to build up a platform that will be beneficial for job seekers.


This new experiment can be beneficial for the recruiters. Facebook confirmed the news this week that they are testing a group by adding a new tab. With the help of the separate column page the users will be able to browse various openings and apply to it. And once the visitor applies for a particular job, and then the different fields of the job application form will pop up according to their listed Facebook profile data.

All the submitted application forms will be sent to the recruiters in the form of a message. This is an effortless, clear-cut workflow which will be very helpful in executing business-aligned communication strategy.

An amount will be charged to show the job posting on Facebook newsfeed. With the help of these opportunities three elements that are personal data, ubiquitous reach and engagement will be combined on one big platform.

This social networking site has undoubtedly more users than any other site. If we look upon the history then, Facebook has the maximum personal approaches and suggestion points than any other company till date.

Although LinkedIn is placed as a best professional network but this fact cannot be denied that it just has only one fraction of Facebook’s audience. The reason which puts LinkedIn in perfect position is that they can track the jobseeker’s history with the help of datasets. This system enables the businesses to find an ideal candidate which has potential for the job spot.

It is believed that Facebook will be able to gain an edge because of the large audience size and reach combined with network engineering which gives it capacity to dominate over others.

Facebook data reveals almost everything about personality and traits based on the like profile and updates. All this theoretical information can be used by the recruiters to know whether the candidate matches the position or not. There could be a time soon where recruitment will be done via Facebook.

Last month only Facebook launched Workplace, Facebook professional services and now they are trying to take it to next level by adding up this new job listing feature. There is still a long way to go for facebook before it introduces its job listing platform but when it will be launched it might beat other professional networks.

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