Facebook Launches Monetization Tool For Content Creators

Facebook Launches Monetization tool for Content Creators

By DSIM Team / 11/07/2019

Last updated on July 12th, 2019 at 06:16 pm

Facebook is introducing new tools to enable creators or marketers to monetize their content in diverse ways.

Along with new Ad revenue opportunities, Facebook brings more opportunities for creators to earn money directly from the users.

Here is the announcement of Facebook-


New Ad Revenue Opportunities

Creators will have more options when they think about the placement of ads. Marketers can now choose to show only pre-roll or image ads in a video against mid-roll ads that interrupt the content.


Earlier, creators were not allowed to choose where ads are inserted into a video. Facebook would automatically select the most perfect ad break based on the viewer and type of content.

Earning Revenue from Users

Facebook is increasing fan subscriptions with the ability for creators to proffer subscriber-only as a perk. This will allow fans to interact with each other, and the marketer, in a private space.

The streaming video game content of creators is eligible to earn revenue from a new initiative called Facebook Stars, similar to ‘bits’ on Twitch.

FB 1

Users can purchase virtual stars and send them to creators in a live stream. The streamer will then get revenue on the number of stars they receive.

So, now the question is what users get out of it? Apart from the contentment of supporting independent creators, they also get a little boost of thump when there is displayed prominently during the stream.

Facebook Stars are as of now are in a testing phase with a small set of creators.

New Features in Creator Studio

Facebook is introducing the following updates to Creator Studio:

  • Monetization Overview
  • Instagram and IGTV Integration


  • Audience and Retention Insights

FB 2

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