Facebook Will Remove 5000+ Ad Targeting Options

Facebook will Remove 5000+ Ad Targeting Options

By DSIM Team / 25/08/2018

Facebook is all set with its plans to remove more than 5,000 ad targeting options to stop discriminatory advertising practices.

According to Facebook, reducing the risk of discrimination is more imperative than continuing to offer ways to reach customers.

Although a complete list of targeting options to be removed was not published.

However, there are authorized ways in which targeting options can be used by advertisers; other ways may not go with Facebook’s policies.

For instance, “landlords cannot exclude audiences by ethnicity or religion when advertising apartments, which is something Facebook was under fire for earlier this year.”

Removing unauthorized options makes sure that Facebook won’t be misused.

Mandatory Certification

Apart from the targeting options, Facebook will bring an educational program to certify advertisers match its non-discrimination policies.

We’ve designed this education in consultation with outside experts to underscore the difference between acceptable ad targeting and ad discrimination.”

This program is running for over a year and was a need for marketers offering employment, and credit cards.

The certification program will be compulsory for all US advertisers to complete else they’ll not be able to advertise on Facebook.

The certification will be accessed through the Ads Manager tool and will be rolled out to additional countries in coming time.

These changes are all part of an ongoing effort by Facebook to prevent misuse of its advertising platform.

These updates are ongoing effort to stop misuse of Facebook advertising medium.

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