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Split testing feature on Facebook lets the advertisers know what works for the advertisement campaign and what doesn’t and needs extra attention towards its usages.

With the help of this, you can create multiple ad sets for different types of audience and show them the specific set. However, earlier advertisers were unable to prevent the overlapping as the same ad in each set was displayed to the single user. And, it was quite difficult to know whether the different ads were shown equally or not.

The New Additions:
  • Facebook assures that there won’t be any sort of overlap as it separates the audience randomly. Each ad within the ad set will be weighted as you determine it to be.
  • Only the testing variable is different within the test, rest is identical. The variable which differentiates the two sets can be either audience or optimization.

1) Audience variable: While testing with this variable, saved audience must be selected.

2) Optimization variable: Lets you create variations for Ad delivery, conversion window and bid amount.

  • The feature is available to all the advertisers who have a Business manager account.
  • It is accessible for website conversions, mobile app installs and lead generation campaigns only.

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  • Up to three ad sets can be tested in Split testing.
  • To execute a test establish a minimum budget required to get the sufficient data which can be equally divided between them.
  • After the completion of the test, a notification will come within Ads Manager and you are likely to receive the results through email.
  • The Ad set with the lowest cost per outcome should be used.
How to set it up?
  • Go to the check box for ‘Create Split Test’.
  • Select a campaign such as Website conversions from the three options; Lead generation, App Installs and Website conversion.
  • Choose one variable from Delivery optimization and Audience.

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  • Then, define a Split test budget.
  • And, schedule it.

The new Split testing feature has already been rolled out, so, test your audience and go for optimization for clicks and conversions to decide which works better for your Ad campaign.

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