Facebook launched a new app, Flash which is said to be a clone of Snapchat. It is especially designed for emerging markets. The app was released on Android in its first market of Brazil on November 8, 2016.

Flash users can overlay visuals that can be placed on the top of their content. It was particularly developed for people who are emerging in market but have poor data connection and Wi-Fi availability in their region.

George Wang, Product Manager at Facebook said that the app will be introduced in other areas too in upcoming times. It was reported by Kurt Wagner of Recode that it is a photo and video sharing app.

The size of this app is less than 25 megabytes as reported by Facebook. Flash has a chat window, camera first home screen, and stories feature in it. It is somewhat similar to the features of Snapchat.

In 2015, Facebook launched another similar application that is Slingshot. The social network of photo and video sharing app was debuted in 2014. But it was shuttered down in 2015 as the shots can only be viewed when sent in return by the friend.

This time Facebook hopes that Flash will compete well in the market due to the advantage of working over the low bandwidth internet connection.

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