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E-commerce is a huge business, but the truth is that many entrepreneurs quit because they get discouraged when they don’t see instant results. It takes time and a well thought out strategy to make sizeable earnings through online business.

Dhyan Unmesh, a successful entrepreneur who runs e-commerce business, owns ‘’ sells meditation furniture, meditation cushions, and yoga mat etc. He is working to make meditation easy and comfortable for beginners.

Dhyan Unmesh (Sundeep Sethia), a pass-out from Pearl Academy of Fashion and NIFT Delhi, who worked in Fashion Garment industry for ten years before moving out of it and starting his own fashion garment company.

For all these years Sundeep was also looking for his spiritual journey to start which finally started in the year 2000 when he got initiated with Osho. Since then Sundeep got a new name “Swami Dhyan Unmesh”.

He is searching an opportunity in Meditation Facilitation. Unmesh looked no further and started developing meditation chairs under the brand of “Friends of Meditation (FOM).”

Unmesh already knew about meditation chairs but was not sure about commercial viability but still wanted to do something to help co-meditators.

FOM operates online orders through their own website ( and other channels like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay and Snapdeal in India.

He enrolled in advanced digital marketing training program from DSIM in October 2015. Where he learned new aspects digital marketing, learned how to grow a business and increase sales and traffic on the website and learned strategy and techniques to make ample amount of income through online business.

After learning digital marketing, FOM has grown six times in terms of revenue and a turnover.  He is able to grow his business in US market and his sales increased by 3-4%.

In a candid discussion he shares his success story:

“Digital marketing is highly flourishing industry right now. Digital marketing is making a strong impact in the world of Marketing and Advertising. I was motivated to join DSIM, as I am running an online business, I wanted to learn some techniques to increase sell and traffic on the website. This training helped me to grow my business in US market. After Google Adwords class, sales increased by 3-4%.”

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