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This undergraduate brat started working at an early age and had to quit his IIT dream in absence of resources, though achieved significantly in strengthening the Google SERP’s rankings of businesses.

Meet the Trainee

Ravi Verma, a 3rd year student pursuing Bachelor’s  in English Hons. picked up his first part-time job at the age of 18 in Sales & Marketing, keeping a plunge towards suave transition into another career alternative.

Finally, it felt like utterly unhappy and dissatisfied with his sales job routine and he chose to go for digital marketing training. Being a tech-savvy guy and driving inspiration from success stories of DSIM trainees present online, he chose the name.

What he achieved?

On completion of the training, Ravi joined ‘Logicsoft’, a UK based company as a Digital Marketer. He is currently taking care of 6 projects at the place, holding expertise & ability in SEO and runs his own website

He additionally conveys creative SMO ideas, works to boost clients’ Google SERP’s rankings and offers SEO advices to individuals through his Social Media profile.

Journey with DSIM

“It all started with an interest,” says Ravi. Considering DSIM as a brand, on the very first day of my training, I walked into the place like a beginner.

Attending sessions with my student and entrepreneur friends, I took in a great learning and today have turned out to be adequately ready to bring the digital marketing ideas into execution. What could be the greater transformation than this?

Kodak Moments!

Sharing his awe moment, he told that “his client SECURE TRADE is ranking at 1st position beating top-notch investment companies like Moneyadvice, Forbes, Investopedia and others, the outcome is entirely motivational as the competition was of around 2 Cr and I brought it within 3 months, thanks  DSIM.”

He also says, “It was the DSIM’s training program giving me the first introduction to the modules of digital marketing and today, individuals are coming to me to get SEO advices.”

What’s Next?

He has plans to take on larger efforts and is working on a project to venture a digital marketing agency with his partner. He further clarifies that it would be his key priority to offer quality and outstanding digital marketing services to clients.

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