Content is a crucial factor that differentiates your website from your competitors and delivers your message to your prospects in the right way. However, producing high-quality content isn’t a one-off game. Your content is only valuable until it is unique and attracting. It doesn’t take long for content to be copied and restructured in various ways. If you’re wondering how you can counter this problem, it’s pretty simple!

If you, or your team of writers, know how to write high-quality content, it won’t be much of a hassle to find new content ideas or merely repurposing your old ones. If you want to know how to maintain and create content that is fresh and will create a buzz in the market, read on!

New Content Ideas 

High Engagement Social Media Posts 

Social media is one of the best ways to find out about all the viral trends that are living up to the hype in the digital world. You can analyze social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see which posts and topics have the most interactions.

If you find a topic interesting, without wasting any time, go through extensive research and create a high-quality SEO friendly blog post that can get ranked easily. This new piece of content can bring immense traffic to your website.

FAQ Content 

Probably one of the most visited pages of a website, the FAQ page always provides content that is useful to the prospects. If the FAQ page is filled with essential questions that almost every visitor is expected to ask, it will surely be ranked well.

However, as time passes by, traditional FAQ pages are becoming ineffective. You need to analyze a list of the most common and new FAQs that you monitor on live chats, emails, social media comments and other sources of communication. FAQ pages that are focused on keyword phrases and are informative receive a better ranking on major search engines.

Note: An informative page doesn’t have to be veryyy longggg! If you have more than 15 questions, don’t fit them all on one page directly with answers. Categorize the questions and provide a link that leads the prospect to another page for the answers. This technique will increase your “average time of active user” and help you catch Google’s attention.

Update Old Blogs to Keep Them Fresh 

If you accomplish creating a viral blog that increases your website’s traffic, excellent! However, your job doesn’t end here! If you are writing on topics that revolve around industries facing frequent changes, you have to make sure all your blogs are up-to-date. Outdated content that is live eventually hurts your page rank.

You can maintain a routine of going through your blog posts on a weekly or monthly basis analyzing the changes that have occurred. Immediately update your blogs to avoid receiving any damages.

Repurpose Old Content 

Instead of making an effort to create new content, you can always use other forms of it that have already done their part after going live. If you witness one of your blogs losing its value in the market, transform it into a webinar and attract a whole new segment of the audience. Take a look at the following kinds of existing content that can inspire webinars and generate more traffic:

1. Most Popular Posts 

If you have made up your mind of creating a webinar with your old content, start off by short-listing all your popular posts. These posts have performed in the past, and they surely have better chances of becoming good traffic magnets in the form of webinars.

2. FAQs 

As we mentioned above how FAQs are essential to websites, you can transform all your highlighted FAQs into a webinar that will bring life into them. It may take a bit of effort, but webinars will help prospects understand the answer better than before.

3. How-to Posts Related to Your Products and Services

Is your website is packed with how-to posts? If yes, it won’t take long for your competitors to write similar ones. Transform them into webinars and provide a better form of content to your visitors. These webinars will take less time to view, leaving a better picture of what your product and service actually are and how prospects can either use them or benefit from them.

Benefits of Repurposing Content

I’m pretty sure you are aware that time is the most precious asset that you have. To be precise, the principal advantage of repurposing old content is the time you’ll save in content creation. However, there are other benefits that all content producers should be aware of.

•    Target New Audience

In most cases, your original piece of content will only shed light upon a specific group of your target audience. For example, regardless of how much people love your brand, only those who like to read will most probably go through your blogs. On the other hand, if you wish to target those who may show interest in different types of content, you can repurpose your blogs. Use the same information to create videos, press releases, guides or even infographics to capture other segments.

•    SEO Boost

With multiple pieces of content, you’ll have more opportunities of targeting on the desired keyword. In addition, if you start publishing your repurposed content on other websites, you’ll generate high-quality backlinks that’ll increase your traffic.

•    Get Acknowledged in the Industry

By publishing different forms of content on a similar topic, you can gain a name for yourself within the industry. Whichever type of content you choose; visitors will start considering you as an expert and value you for your efforts.

•    Reinforce Your Message

Even if you manage to produce remarkable blogs, the message will only last for a limited period. However, with repetition, your message has higher chances of leaving a mark in the industry. Marketing experts believe that buyers need to receive your message numerous times before they actually convert. This technique of repurposing content can play a significant role in generating more traffic on your website.

Use Video Summaries to Increase Content Readability

Videos tend to be more appealing compared to other forms of content. Many people prefer going through video tutorials instead of written ones. However, what we are trying to mention here is that you can make any content digestible by putting the text into a video form that includes slides and graphics.

These videos will offer the same knowledge but more attractively and effortlessly. You can even add background music to capture your prospect’s attention instantly.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

I’m pretty sure you have come across many organizations copying content by creating duplicate versions of it. Though it may seem an easy way out, Google won’t appreciate it. If you want your content to rank better and generate higher traffic, duplicate content will never produce the results you want.

You can always reuse your old content to transform it into another form of content. Add infographics or videos as summaries, webinars as FAQs, or social media posts into longer and detailed blog posts.

Another way of keeping your website unique is by staying up-to-date. Frequently update all your content to make sure your visitors don’t leave with outdated information. Web crawlers revisit and analyze all your content every time you make a change, so updates can help you boost your ranking as well.

Wrap Up

Content has many forms, and you can’t deny the fact that all can be used effectively if targeted to the right audience. One of the best aspects of content is that you can reuse it by transforming it into different types or updating it with new information. Even if you expand a blog, it will favor you regarding search engine rankings.

Therefore, businesses can easily come up with better ideas about how to improve their current content and even transform it, to target other segments of the population.

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