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To help users gain knowledge with Google Analytics, Google is introducing Demo Account for Analytics. The idea is to give those while not access to a full-fledged account a way to get hands-on experience, but it may be utilized by those with access to accounts who need a playground for experimentation before creating changes in a client’s account. And in fact, Demo Account will be employed in any training environment.

Demo Account is inhabited with data from the e-commerce Google Merchandise Store, an active e-commerce site that sells Google-branded merchandise.  The demo account will include the possibilities marketers generally set up in their own accounts, including Goals and boosted E-commerce. Users have Read & Analyze access; therefore you’ll be able to create custom reports, alerts, and annotations.

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Why Use the Demo Account?

  • It’s free and goes hand-in-hand with the Analytics Academy
  • You don’t want access to the code so as to realize access to the GA interface – you’ll learn how to use Google Analytics although you don’t have a website.
  • If you’re an active learner, having a demo account with data can create learning easier.
  • You will see how different aspects of the demo account are organized in order to get an improved understanding of how your account should be set up.
  • You will see how a more advanced custom features are set up and how you can report on them – like custom dimensions, events, and e-commerce.
  • Use the demo account throughout our Google Analytics training and follow at the side of our examples and group activities.

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If you already have an Analytics account and need to use Demo Account, Google will just add it to your account, and it will be available from the Home tab in Analytics.

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