At this year’s Google Performance Summit (GPS), Google announced that advertisers will once again have the opportunity to customize paid search bids based on device.

In 2013, Google released Enhanced Campaigns, which shook the paid search marketing world.  Pre-Enhanced Campaigns, advertisers ran separate campaigns (and separate bids) by device: desktop, tablet, smartphone.  Enhanced Campaigns—meant to simplify things—eliminated separate bidding by joining devices into the same campaign, with bid modifiers for (1) smartphones and (2) desktop/mobile. Since then, we’ve been living in world of conjoined device bidding.

Google announced that advertisers will now be able to specify the device of their choosing as the base bid for keywords, and then layer on separate bid modifiers for the other two device types. The headlines of the article are:

Marriage between desktop and tablet is no more: As cheaper tablet options became available and the demographic of tablet owners shifted, the performance of these two device types diverged. Advertisers can now finally set separate bids for desktop and tablet, as Google unmarried the two with its updates, which should result in more efficient ad spend as each device gets the correct bid to reach efficiency targets.

Mobile gets its due: Aside from splitting out desktop and tablet bids, Google also made it possible for advertisers to target campaigns solely to mobile devices, as campaigns can be set to use mobile as the preferred device for base bids with tablet and desktop traffic shut off entirely using -100-percent modifiers.

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