Google Brings More Real-time Data On Google Trends

Google brings More Real-time Data on Google Trends

By DSIM Team / 28/11/2017

Google Trends giving users a peek into what people are searching for is now going to provide even more real-time data. In addition to organic search, Google Trends will offer data on searches conducted within News, Shopping, Images, and YouTube.

It’s opening up more data to show what people in the world are looking for, as they’re looking for it—whether it’s just out of curiosity, to write a story or something else.

How it works?

To say you’re curious about search interest in Taylor Swift following the recent release of her latest album. You now have the option to explore that data in different ways, like finding the related videos that people are searching for on YouTube.

First, type your search at the top of the Trends screen, in this box:

image 1 28 nov

As you can see, the topic of “American singer-songwriter” comes up—that’s the one you want to click on, otherwise it will only look for searches for the words “Taylor” and “Swift.”

That takes you to a page like this, which shows search interest in Taylor, worldwide. You can then change the time range to within the last seven days and the geography to the United States. That’s now showing search interest in the U.S. for the past week, and looks like this.

update 1

People search in different ways on different platforms. So, when you as a user look at the search on YouTube, you can see the spike in searches for video of Taylor’s performance on “The Tonight Show.”



But switching it to Google Images and you can see a 700 percent spike in searches for “Saturday Night Live,” after her performance on the show.

google image 4

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