Google has been found testing 14 ads in a single mobile search results page.


You can see 14 ads are displayed before arriving at the “More results” at the screen’s bottom in the recording.

There are 4 ads in a series followed by two organic listings at the top of the page.

One can find 7 more ads in the row which are followed by 6 organic listings.

At the last, the SERP ends at 3 more ads before the “More results” button appears.

This is all 14 paid and 8 organic results, which is almost double the number of regular search results.

Google always look forward to the different testing ways to display search results. This time Google comes up with an idea to know how many ads users can tolerate.

If the test performed well, there might be a possibility to see more SERPs like this.

This test for mapping many ads in a mobile SERP is telling, although, as it shows the lengths the company is looking to go to monetize its search results.

That would be good for advertisers, but not for SEOs.

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