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An Interview with Mr. Pawan Yadav, Senior Marketing Manager at WAPP Systems and DSIM’s Ex-trainee

In the session, he shares his experiences and how everything happened to begin his professional career with an established name just 5-6 days after the completion of the training program at DSIM.

Q1. Hi Pawan, Congrats for getting your first job with WAPP Systems. We will ask you to brief a little about your qualification and the offer you got.
Ans. Thank you! I pursued MBA in Marketing & HR and after a short while digital marketing training at DSIM with the essential thought to get familiar with the aspects of digital marketing, a much-hyped stream these days. Post training got the offer I was searching for, with Enhanced Wapp Systems India Pvt. Ltd (Wapp Systems) that works to promote indigenous technologies for resources conservation.
Q2.In spite of holding an MBA degree, you went for digital marketing training. Doesn’t it sound strange?
Ans. MBA is dependably seen as a secured gateway to the bright future and I too had options to take after whether it’s branding & promotion or others. At first I picked up the sales & marketing area, however when finding out the concept and scope of Digital Marketing, decided to witness the experiences out here, in this exceptional field.
Q3. So, how it feels to be at the place where you wanted to be?
Ans. It’s a great feeling. I always had an interest in marketing and digital platform has remained all-time favorite. It was a wow moment when I finally received the offer letter and now wish to bring through execution of innovative ideas in company benefits
Q4. We all know there are several names offering digital marketing training, why DSIM only?
Ans.DSIM got my consideration because of its reputation and positioning among the digital marketing institutes present in Delhi. Before settling on a decision to get enrolled with DSIM, I performed in-depth inquiries about the institutes offering digital marketing training and was really amazed to know that DSIM holds great many success stories.Reading out the experiences shared by ex-trainees, I finally decided to join the course and feel really proud on my decision as DSIM’s skill-based education enabled me to get this professional begin soon after 5-6 days finishing the training.
Q5. Will you please let us know how you got this opportunity and about the remunerations you have been offered with?
Ans.Yeah, sure! It all happened because of DSIM. It was my preeminent thought to start my career with a reputed name and the training program paved the way. DSIM has a placement department that deals with trainees’ job considerations and introduces their resume to the big names and brands, resulting into ease of exposure and inboxes filled with job opening emails. I too requested DSIM’s placement department to make my quest a little convenient and feel gratified towards their assistance. Getting the call I appeared for interview at Enhanced Wapp Systems India Pvt. Ltd and successfully completing the rounds, was offered a package of 3.5 lakhs. In beginning of your digital career, you received the offer of 28 K in-hand and a brand name to start with, what else you would look for or expect? I got more than that what I was looking for; all because of learning embraced at DSIM and its effort to nurture every single learner at its place.

Q6.Impressive Pawan! Please share the interview procedure to make our readers informed about it?
Ans. The interview began with aptitude test and proceeded further including 3 f2f rounds. The first one was with HR and the next two were with the Creative Head and the Managing Director (MD), respectively.
Amid the round, I was asked questions which were to test my knowledge as well as strategic abilities like, ‘What would I do for this company to reinforce its market positioning? Here the knowledge grasped during the course, helped to me to make my way. I gave answers bordering on methodological execution, approaching from SEO, Email, Social Media, to different others. You can consider that I showed up my knowledge in a patient and detailed way, as DSIM made me to do so.
Q7.Did you find that DSIM’s training program helped you to reach the decisive round?
Ans. Without a doubt! The training curriculum at DSIM is prepared in a way that it teaches you practically everything of Digital Marketing. From overview to Affiliate, you don’t stay new to the modules of this channel. I was fostered not only with the abilities and knowledge, but was prepared to explore further. I truly want to say thank you to DSIM, as it made me sufficiently capable and my departure convenient and hassle-free.
Q8. Digital marketing has become one of the highly booming streams today. What you have to say on the change?
Ans. Digital marketing is the platform that makes you connect with the masses, much conveniently and this has brought the change. The area has potential and putting in hard work, one can easily earn the repute.
To know about the career prospects and the training standard DSIM upkeeps, I would suggest my friends to attend the free demo session DSIM conveys. It is so to make individuals aware with the quality that they should look for and also, to let them know what astonishing advantages this career stream has.
Q9. So, How was your overall training experience at DSIM?
Ans. To say it in few words, it’s simply the best. I couldn’t have requested more; trainers, curriculum, delivery-platform, practical assignments, all together make a perfect blend to bring the wanted learning. You will learn here to enfold creativity and find all the more encouragement to go out of the box. It not only gives you theoretical knowledge but helps you understand the stream practically. These people don’t work in a way others do. They teach you everything and make you practice your learning as digital marketing is a sphere where you need practical knowledge to grow and develop.
Q10. Where would you position DSIM’s training program, ranging on a scale of 1-10?
Ans.I have 10 in my kitty. Can’t even think lesser than this because before joining the course, I was a mere individual wishing to begin his profession in digital marketing and today, I am a Senior Marketing Manager, all set to develop and grow.
Q11.It was really great talking to you, yet before reaching out the conclusion, we want you to share your message with the individuals with a thought to begin their digital marketing career.
Ans. Digital marketing is going to become a need for all in nearby future. You need to remain focused & continue learning. There are and would appear several job opportunities and you can make your entry based on your abilities and knowledge.
  It was really great to share your experiences; we wish you luck for your future.
Mr. Pawan completed his Digital marketing training from Delhi School of Internet Marketing in October 2016.
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