How a female entrepreneur started a transport company Lorryguru?

About Lorryguru is an online platform to advertise and search for return loads, regular transport and courier work of lorry. Lorryguru was founded in October 2012. It’s headquarter is located at Thalari Street, Nagari, Chittor district of Andhra Pradesh. Lorryguru faces competition mainly from Truck Suvidha, EDI, and Loadkhoj.

lorry guru

Idea behind Lorryguru

Two years ago, the founder of Lorryguru, Manjusha wanted to move a load of granite stones from Chittoor to a place called Kadayam near Tenkasi in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. She hired a transport agent who later failed to arrange for a suitable truck/lorry for transporting the material. Further the agent wasted 4 days of time just trying in making arrangement for a vehicle. Manjusha using her contacts found out a vehicle which was 70 km’s away from Chittoor in Renigunta, near Tirupati. Manjusha discussed this with her transport agent about it on the second day, but due to commission problem, he was not able to finalize it.


Manjusha had material to be transported, but not vehicle. It was a frustrating experience for hers. Finally, after five days of waiting and idle time, the agent however managed to get a vehicle for transporting the granite slabs from Chittoor to Kodayam.

Manjusha was hassled with the experience. She thought about how people would be facing problems with such a silly transport systems in the region. This inspired her to come up with a solution – The Solution! And the result of that idea is

Manjusha, with her husband and business partner, Purushotham, who is an ERP consultant and programmer, both finally decided to create a user-friendly platform for freight exchange. The idea was to develop a platform where customers, lorry owners, transport agents and companies could exchange relevant information on freight exchange.
It is often a problem and a loss for lorry owners who have to deliver goods to a destination, and return with an empty lorry. This also adds to the costs of the customers. “So, why not advertise and let people know that there’s a lorry available at a certain time and with a certain capacity to go to a certain destination. There may be someone who needs the service,” says Manjusha.And then, was started.

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Why we choose Lorryguru as Startup of the Week?

• Lorryguru is really a new idea to use tech in transport industry for freight exchange.

• It has seen a tremendous growth cycle in a few months.

• It provides a unique platform where Lorry owners and customers can post requirement for load or Lorry.

• Today, the platform manages a fleet of over 10,000 lorry owners and companies and individuals with a requirement for transportation of goods.

• It also serves as an information resource for different Lorry models, parts and regulations like permit, VAT, RTO etc.

Presently, features the latest models of vehicles to the basic ones to meet a variety of customer needs.

Challenges, growth and implementation of the project

Coding, programming and creating the platform was easier than convincing and getting Lorry owners to register their fleet of Lorries on the platform. When the project started, Manjusha had to work harder and harderand perform various tasks including meeting with the lorry owners association to make them understand the concept and convincing them to choose the platform to marketing the platform to businesses and customers, visiting toll gates to understand the costs and charges involved.

A lot of effort was put in by her marketing team to promote themselves so that to attract the small and major industries in the region to list their freight exchange requirements on the website. Convincing lorry owners, from single lorry owners to big freight companies, to place their Lorries on took time for the owners and individuals with a requirement of transportation of goods.

Within just eight months, the portal had 200 lorry owners / transport companies and customers signed up on the site which if we talk about today’s scenario has grown to over 9000 lorry owners and companies and individuals with a requirement for transportation of goods.

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