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How an Indian Startup Designhill is disrupting the $54 billion Global Graphic designing Industry?

About Designhill

Designhill is one among the few Indian startups that has established its name as a global player. Within first year of its operations, Designhill has seen competition from the top global leaders in the industry such as 99designs and Freelancer to name a few.

Designhill produced the infographic as part of their digital media strategy. The main service offered by Designhill is to offer graphic designing to startups and small businesses. The platform acts like a graphic design freelancing and crowdsourcing platform allowing startups and small businesses get high-quality graphic designs at reasonable prices. Disclosed in a report, the global graphic design industry is of $54 billion and Designhill is disrupting this industry slowly.

Why we chose Designhill as Startup of the Week?

  • Designhill has helped thousands of startups and small businesses in getting unique graphic designs.
  • The portal has a base of 30,000+ graphic designers from round the globe.
  • On hosting the contest, around 100-200 designers respond with their designs in just a week.
  • Normally, the clients receive 3 times more designs for every dollar they spend here.
  • The company claims to be 30% cheaper than their competitors.
  • The project with Designhill is completely risk-free as it offers 100% Money Back Guarantee to all the customers.
  • In the short span of time, it has moved globally and attracted the customers from all across the globe.
  • It has more than 42000 fan following over Facebook and more than 15000 followers over Twitter globally.

How was Designhill started?

Rahul Aggarwal and Varun Aggarwal in October 2014 started Designhill with 4 developers and 2 designers in an office in New Delhi. Their moto was to establish themselves as a pioneer in the design industry.

Once launched, the company started gaining attention of the business owners from all around the world. The quick response from the graphic designers received an overwhelming response that helped in expanding its arm and the team grew to 25.

How it works?

Designhill is a crowdsourcing platform that connects businesses and designers over the same platform. The businesses that require any design, logo or any graphic design have an option to host a design contest in which designers from all across the world can participate. The designers submit their own designs made and the host can select any designer from them and then further work to customize the designs.

Designhill is an interactive platform where clients can rate, comment and give feedback. Upon successful hosting of a contest, the client gets more than 100-120 designs within a week from various designers. On finalizing a design, the client then gets the source files as well as all copyrights details.

Uniqueness of the Designhill

The crowdsourcing platform gets more flexibility, control and options for a better price. The company claims that their clients receive 3 times more designs for every dollar they spend over the platform. Also they claim to be 30% cheaper than their competitor. The 100% Money back guarantee is another feature that gives Designhill an edge over the competitors. The company holds the money from the customer and designers are only paid once a customer finalize a design and receives the source files from the designer.


The company in its first 6 months of operation crossed revenues of $100,000. Currently the company has a successful community of more than 30,000 graphic designers and artists. Designhill has introduced several new features in its first year of operation which has got record breaking response from all across the world.

A feature allows user to host their own design competition, and then choose from the bundle of designs and designers to further work with. The platform soon after registering gives the user full ownership and all design files starting at just $99.

How does it benefit the designers?

The platform is a mutual beneficial relationship for both clients and designers. Where clients get world class designs and it helps designers not only in earning but also to learn new things and improve accordingly. Designhill also offers designers an option to create their portfolios and showcase their creativity. The designers not only strengthen their skills and work portfolio but also improves in their skills according to industry needs.

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