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The more you help guide your visitors, the better it is! And, to do that, you need to produce a highly useful and usable design including good content. Anyway, in this article we are going to specifically talk about the signup pages and how they can benefit your business if designed well. You can actually make your visitor to join you and start using your product with the help of a simple and beautifully designed signup page. Here are a few illustrations as to how brands are maximizing their ROI through a well-designed and well thought out signup page.


An invoicing tool designed for freelancers and small businesses, Ballpark helps you to track the time and get paid by clients. As you can see in the image, they have a highly productive signup page. On their sign up page, they focus on the free trial, the testimonial from a current customer and the phrase “cancel anytime”, which helps them to reduce the perceived risk of joining.


Chartbeat, which is a web analytics tool, also illustrate a great work when it comes to the signup page. By making it clear through their signup page that what your monthly fee gets you and that you can always upgrade or cancel if you want, they are quite successful in having triumph over the visitors hearts.


As shown in the image, the sign up page of Prezi, which is presentation software, makes use of different colors efficiently to help differentiate between their plans. The sign up page puts more stress on the “Enjoy” and “Pro” plans with the help of apt colors and keeps the free plan clearly available yet less pronounced.


The project management software from 37signals, Basecamp, acts a little more innovative by in fact removing the regular signup page and getting the signup field embedded directly on the homepage.


Kickstarter, which is a known crowdfunding startup, prefers to have a highly functional signup page instead of stressing more on its beauty. If you look at their signup page, you will find that they have clearly planned it according to the user’s outlook. In fact, if you have an account with them and you wrap up on the signup page, you will find that the login form is also conveniently within reach.


MailCimp, the renowned email newsletter expert, do this job differently in a very novel way. In order to have a clutter free, beautifully unobtrusive signup page, they have removed the navigation, footer and any distracting elements and have left their mascot and the signup form to look more appealing on their form.


The service that makes your work quite easier especially if you are a designer by turning Dropbox folders into easily sharable projects, Shipment has a sign up page contains all the information you need to make a decision still is clean and unfussy.


Freshbooks, which is an accounting software, prefers to have only two fields on its sign up page that are name and email, to simplify the form present on the page as much as possible.


Payments startup Stripe, who have an ultra-complicated competitor like PayPal, have done a great job by showing how simple and straightforward sign up page can work wonders. As you can see in the image, the visitor can either fill in their ultra simple form or can even get started with their product and choose to fill in the form when they are ready.


The famous music streaming service, Rdio to make the signup process easy for the visitors, offers them to fill in just their email address to get started or even if they prefer, they can join using their Facebook account.


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