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About HealthKart
• Objective of Referral Marketing
• Campaign Idea
• Marketing Strategy Adopted by HealthKart
• Execution of the strategy
• Results
• Step by Step snapshot view of Invite Referral Campaign

About HealthKart

India is one of the fastest growing hubs of e-commerce sector and after shopping for books, gadgets and apparels online, Healthkart.com tries to provide the health related products, nutritional products, healthcare supplements and items for beauty and personal care over its e-commerce platform.

With headquarter in Gurgaon, HealthKart works as an online endpoint for Dietary supplements and health devices. Founded by Prashant Tandon and Sameer Maheshwari in 2011, it has grown to become a big online marketplace in the Health care industry in India.

HealthKart promote largely through online media. This includes advertising on Google, Facebook, and other ad networks, SEO, Social Media marketing among others.

HealthKart employed referral marketing to get more consumers online and buy product by accessing its website through social media platforms.

Objective of Referral Marketing

The business objective of HealthKart was to drive the social reach and referral sales of the consumers on HealthKart’s website.Thus, to grab a huge customer base through social media, HealthKart had to work in a way such that the customers purchase the products from the online healthcare portal and refer the same to friends and family via several social media platforms.

Campaign Idea

Invite friends to healthkart.com and get coupon worth INR 250 for every friend making a Purchase through invite.

Marketing Strategy Adopted by HealthKart

With a view to achieve the set objective and target, HealthKartfocused highly on two of the most widely used social media platforms that were Facebook and Twitter. The basic concept behind the campaign was that whenever the user would make a purchase and refer the same to a friend, both of them would be awarded with a coupon worth INR 250. This was the reward for making the referral sales via social media referrals.

The customer referral programme software, Invite Referrals tracks each share and invites send over social media that result into referral site visit and final sale to reward the referrer.
This campaign was not only limited to users using only social media platforms to make purchases but it was also expanded to all the smart phone users. This was done through Invite Referral’s mobile app. HealthKart accessed the Invite Referral mobile application so as to offer more sales coupon and generate more sales.


HealthKart executed the referral campaign efficiently and targeted social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to reach to the target audience. The users were given a coupon of INR 250 on their email on every purchase a friend made through the social media referral.
HealthKart employed the referral programme to enhance its visibility and people contributed to the activity to earn discount coupons by referring HealthKart’s services and products to friends on social media platforms.

HealthKart integrated all its promotional messages across various consumer touch points to give its consumer a seamless experience. The user accessed the website through his Facebook page, then the referral message showed on the shoppers shopping cart prompting the user to recommend HealthKart to his friend on social media. Finally, an email was sent to the entire consumer base to participate in the referral programme to win sale coupons.

HealthKart also took the mobile application path and launched the InviteReferrals app that would help the users to refer the service to friend and earn sale coupons.

Therefore, it was evident that social media played a crucial role throughout the promotional campaigns of HealthKart’s products and services.


In just two months, more than 500,000 consumers have driven referral sales via Facebook and Twitter which ultimately led to a low customer acquisition cost.On Twitter, users shared tweets talking about the online platform and the products offered by HealthKart using its official Twitter handle and hashtag for referrals.

Currently the social media platforms witness a huge traffic engagement. Facebook has around 5.5 lakhs fans and twitter has over 14.5K followers.

InviteReferrals.com helped provide further analysis on the social media activities like the number of shares, referral visits and the rise in sales through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Below is the Step by Step View of Invite Referral Campaign

1. Referral Widget on HealthKart Website: Customers can participate after entering email id or connecting through Facebook.


2. Once the participants register themselves, the app gives various options to refer friends.


3. Campaign Flow on Smartphones


4. Referral program application on Facebook


5. Live Referral Tweets


6. Invite Referral Software tracked each invite sent, referral site visit and final sale to towards the referrer. Completely automated


7. In Depth Analytics


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