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In our previous articles , we have talked a lot about landing pages as to how they act as lead generation machines,long term SEO assets, if strategized and executed well. We also talked about landing page mistakes to be avoided to get more leads and about a few mistakes that can kill your landing page conversions.

However, in this article we are going to talk about how landing pages help generate bigger wins at faster rates especially where resources and deadlines are tight. We went ahead and did a deep research, asked several small marketing agencies about why they use landing pages and also about the strategies that have brought them the greatest ROI. So, let’s go ahead and see what did we actually find, it might help you in achieving your bottom-line easily and quickly.

Why Successful Marketing Agencies Use Landing Pages

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Landing pages give immediate and data-driven results

Although it can be both a scary proposition and an ultimate opportunity but whatever result a landing page gives is most of the times quite immediate as it makes the visitor to day yes or no. besides, the results are data-driven as well , as with so many small chunks to maneuver and reshuffle, you can easily measure the alterations. The adaptable elements allow agencies to scale, test and redesign instantaneously.

Landing pages enable you to execute your creativity

The best thing about landing pages is you can refine them in a matter of minutes and so you get to have that freedom and creativity to test daring design and that too without the risk of wasting time or money. To carry out an effective landing page campaign you need not be a seasoned copywriter or have years of experience in creative writing, all you need to have is a developer by your side to test that new offer, call to action or idol shot as even you won’t be deficient of your own creativity.

Landing pages can help you save hours of work

The biggest concern when you plan to include a new strategy to your marketing happens to be the lack of accessibility and intuitiveness. However, there is no such problem while bringing landing page strategy into your list. You even don’t need to hire expensive experts or additional team members; you can it done even by empowering your current employees.

Landing pages make your workflows more efficient

No matter how small your team is, you can increase your efficiency to a great extent as collecting and analyzing landing page stats is actually very easy. You can actually call landing page a multiplier as it helps you do the work of ten people with five people only. You can also boost your PPC marketing through it.

Some ultimate tips to make a killing landing page strategy

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A multi-step sign-up process reduces form friction

While creating a lead generation landing page you might need to use a 2-step sign up process as sometimes customer can’t wait for the information that they want and they bounce back if greeted by name, email and phone fields. In such case you might need many fields on your opt-in form however don’t want to create friction. Right? Try a 2-step sign-up and see how conversion explodes. The two-page process helps the visitor to believe they’d get a solution unique to their needs.

Besides, trying a different strategy against the time-honored best practices won’t affect much even if it fails as landing pages are so easy to build and test. So, you can always try different ways and test if it works for you.

Start afresh if your A/B tests aren’t showing big improvements

Sometimes the little tweaks don’t actually work, however in such cases you can always start over your poor-converting landing page. Instead of running A/B tests for the same page to achieve marginal improvements with diminishing returns, stepping back to re-build the page from the ground up is a good idea. So, if your landing page is converting disappointingly and even A/B tests aren’t helping, go ahead, scrap it and start afresh.

Test for metrics that matter

Marketers often are concerned about watching and conversion numbers when they start out in landing page strategy but these metrics can be very superficial. You should try to examine the data and find the patterns.


So, now when you know those tricks and tips, it’s time to set landing page strategy on your marketing’s tool belt. With the help of landing page you can create better marketing campaigns for your business even with few resources and a tight budget. With great power comes great responsibility! So go ahead!

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