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How Shop Pirate is attracting customers through its couponic platform with more than 50K app downloads?

About Shop Pirate

Shop Pirate is an explicit online deals and coupon site started three years back in July 2013, specifically to attract the youths. Shop Pirate offers best deals and coupons to the shoppers in an easy and quirky way. All this has been done through its online platform which is present in all the possible ways i.e. website, and app for android, iOS and windows with a web extension. Shop Pirate gives its shoppers thousands of coupon codes and discount deals for more than 1600 trusted and top shopping portals.

Why we chose Shop Pirate as Startup of the Week?

  • It is the first site to bring many features like affinity search, intent categorization, superior user experience, and performance to users in India.
  • The portal offers the latest coupon codes, promo codes, offers, cashbacks from more than 1,600 trusted and popular online stores.
  • Shop Pirate Coupons is the first online deals site in India to come up with a mobile app across all three platforms – Android, iOS, and Windows – and a web browser add-on.
  • Within a span of more than three years, today the company has more than five lakh users.
  • With 50000 app downloads the company aims to be the largest deal platform in India.

How Shop Pirate started?

Kulpreet, the founder, wanted to gift her friend a mobile phone on her birthday. And in order to get a phone she was looking for coupons and deals to lower her order value. She looked up for hours over the internet but found nothing relevant. Much of the coupons were expired and others were not working. Then Kulpreet recognized the gap that need to be filled. A pirate was born in her mind which she named ShopPirate to offer online deals and coupons that works and in the year 3013, she founded the company Shop Pirate with his friend Suresh Kumar. However, it took nearly six months for the site to be properly functional. Right from the starting of 2014, Shop Pirate started featuring coupons and deals from around 500 national and international stores.

The Journey So Far

More and more people are moving towards online shopping every day. To get the best deal, everyone look for deals and coupons to get the product for the lowest price. According to a report, more than 70 percent of shoppers look for deals and discount codes online. There are a lot of players in the industry offering deals and coupons but many of the coupons are expired and non-working. Thus Shop Pirate can be an ideal place for shopaholics which save their time and money by bringing the active deals on table.

Shop Pirate offers the tested and latest coupon for 1600 different e-commerce sites. The company offers very relevant and user friendly coupons and this is the key of their success. Each and every coupon is tested at their end and then put over the web portal.


Initially, the founder bootstrapped the company with the personal investment of 10 lakhs by which the company started its operation. Then it raised 50 lakhs in the year 2013 to manage all the technology and logistics of the company. Again in 2014, the company received another 50 lakhs from Confidance Holding Pvt. Ltd. based in Hyderabad.

Revenue model

Shop Pirate has a simple revenue model. They charge some part of revenue as commission from the retailers and don’t charge anything from its users.

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