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“The world is going digital.” It is simple line we often come across in our day to day life. The moment we question this line, a new world opens and then we realize how deep the rabbit hole is. We know Google and we use it every now and then but do we know how Google earns money? Interesting! Google earns by its Google Adword concept. As the word sounds Ad + words i.e. advertise your word with Google search engine.

Nearly billions of people use Google for their different reasons and search engine looks for data stored in its web and from there it displays results as organic result but there is space given on the top or bottom of the page or on the sides and there comes your advertisement. Just In the year 2012 Google earned 42.5 billion USD.

This concept is very simple. In simple words, if someone clicks on these given advertisements then Google charges money otherwise there is no charge. This very practice is called PPC, Pay per Click. This makes your advertisement cheaper, easier and business simpler.

The making of your advertisement is very simple. Everything is very user friendly. But before starting your advertisement ask yourself some simple questions and their answers will be the deciding factor for making your PPC campaign successful.

1) What do you want from your campaign?

15 It is very important to be clear about your objective for your campaign: whether you want to give the visitor information about yourself or engage him or her or if you want to sell.

2) How much money do you want to put in Adwords or Fix your budget?

29 It is not very expensive way of advertisement, marketing and selling, but it is very important to note that every moment anyone clicks on your advertisement money is deducted from your account. So it is important to know your budget first and for how long period you want to use it. We use the formula to calculate the daily budget, as

3) Who likes to come on your website?

32 Finding is similar to knowing because without knowing your customers and their requirement we can’t move on to finding any prospect. Better focus at the segment that can be your prospect and who could be your customer soon.

4) Google keeps changing the rules of the game

42 If we look into the past we can very easily find that Google keeps updating itself so it is always important to keep yourself updated to be on top.

5) Area and language section

52 Google is widely used so it is important to know where you want to welcome your visitors, locally in your city, country or in foreign land and which language speaking people should visit you.

6) Negative keywords

62 Google is a game of keywords given by user. If your ad is coming on wrong search then it can get lost to you. You can prevent your ads on the irrelevant search.

7) Keywords

73 The most difficult thing in Adword advertisement is knowing your right keywords and keeping the negative keywords far away from your campaign.

8) Make eye catching ad copies

82 Google gives space of 25 characters for headline and two addition text lines of 35 characters each. Write the best lines for your ad and draw the prospective visitors’ eyes to your website.

9) Keep looking at the performance of your campaign

92 You are spending money so you have to keep a track of your ROI on daily basis. There is something called Ad words Grader, which is for free, where you can see the performance of your campaign.

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