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Your website represents your business. It is more of like a first impression for a customer. Suppose a customer visits your website looking for a product that you sell but he does not get the desired information on your site. How will you expect him to buy your product? Your website must be built keeping the distinguished taste and behavior of the consumers in mind. Besides, the look and feel of your website should be wisely designed as manifestation does matters.

There are so many points that have to be kept in mind while constructing a website. First thing first you need to make a systematic plan for website building. Let me walk you through the important consecutive guidelines while building the website.

1) Need Identification

How to Construct Your Website Effectively 1. Identify as to why you need to create a website. Is it that you don’t have one yet or you are starting a new venture or launching a new product?

2. Jot down on a paper about the services and under it the subservices that you are offering.

3. Then make a note of your current promotion strategy. List all the methods whether offline or online.



4. Although it is a little bit complicated but note down all your weaknesses.

5. Find out how a new website can help each weakness.

6. Now look for the data or figures to support your conception.

7. Then forward your plan to your team including team leader, project managers, head of the department, IT guys and executives. Make sure that at least two-third of your team agrees with you.

2) Understanding the Customer

How to Construct Your Website Effectively1 1. In order to channelize your effort in right direction, you must understand customer presence and its behavior before you move ahead with the website. Try to figure out information about the customer such as where do they spend time online and how can you use those platforms to gain visits to your website. Think about the profile of the visitor. Find out how will earned, owned or paid media play role in attracting visits and what set of efforts will be required.

2. Now make a plan depending on your customer behavior. Plan you pages they should see, add videos according to their distinguished taste. Ask yourself what impression will they have after walking away from your website, have you helped visitors query and if how? What can let them visit the website again?

3. Now think about the significant outcome for your business. It could be anything from a download to a telephonic call to your office, a brochure request, a qualified online lead, signing up for e-mail promotion, a lift in brand perception or people buying your products and services.

3) Target and Launch

How to Construct Your Website Effectively2 1. Identify the objective of your website. Then try to differentiate it further for your each service.

2. Identify the goals. Find out ideas that will add value to your business.

3. Plan the heading and the body of the content at this stage.

4. Now get your website designed. Move ahead from prototypes to your complete website.

5. Install Tracking and start analyzing. After the website is designed, add analytics, create KPI’s, fix a target and then apply segmentation on received data.

You are running a business and still not visible online, you are missing out to a number of sales that could have been through your online visibility. Hence, plan your website now and go online, go visible as they say that sells what’s visible.

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