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You must have heard that blogging contributes to our search engine ranking and some of you might know as well, as to why is it so. But for those who of course have heard but have no clue about it, we are going to talk about how blogging is related to SEO in this article. So, let’s go ahead and see in what way does blogging helps improve SEO.

1) The mere act of blogging

117 Yes! The mere act of blogging helps you improve your search engine ranking as every time you publish a new blog post, new URL for your website gets created that helps your website to be ranked in search by getting indexed by search crawlers again for that web page.

Besides, you already know uploading new and fresh content on website helps it get better visibility on search. So, the more new and fresh content you upload, better becomes the visibility for your website.

But then, how many other parts of your website help you upload fresh content very frequently. I mean how many times do you update your about us page, home page or any other page apart from the blog. Perhaps once in a blue moon! Right!

So, keep blogging! It helps you boost the visibility of your website to a great extent.

2) Content matters for sure

218 Now that you know how important blogging happens to be for organic search ranking let’s go ahead and see how not to spoil all your work. The first thing that you need to make sure in this regard is that the content of your blog should never be duplicate I mean it shouldn’t be found anywhere else, even on your own blog. Search engine penalizes you for duplicate content and perhaps won’t rank you.

I understand sometimes you get to write on the same topics again but then writing from different perspective will help you avoid duplication of content. Besides, it also helps you have a well-rounded blog as writing important topics from different perspectives helps you target a variety long tail search terms. Hence, make sure every time you publish a blog post the content is unique no matter whether you writing on the topic again.

3) Blog post optimization

312 Now comes the blog post optimization that is optimizing blog post for keywords and topics. Like you must have heard about search engine optimization as to how you incorporate relevant keywords wherever required, you need to do the same thing while writing a blog as well. So, make sure you include the keywords in your blog post for which you want to rank especially when it comes to your page titles, headlines, and body content. I mean to say you should completely optimize your on-page content for relevant keywords.

This was about optimizing your blog for keywords. Talking about topics let me remind you while keywords are search-engine oriented topics are reader-oriented. So, while deciding as to which topic you would be writing on, consider your readers, their ongoing issues, their queries and so on. You can always incorporate the important keywords relevantly to your content. This will not only make your content search friendly but also user friendly bringing that ultimate success for your great work.

4) The blog’s design

410 Let me tell you fact that you might find tough to believe that search engine algorithms can identify whether your blog provides a good user experience or not , and take it into account while displaying content in their ranking pages. Obviously, they would want to provide users with the best possible experience with the blog content they choose to surface.

Hence, try designing a blog with a fantastic reader experience. Make sure your readers are able to navigate around the pages, easily find blog post they are looking for and utilize the tagging feature to search for other similar articles, as they account for a positive user experience on a blog.

Besides, the page loading time also matters whether the user is on computer or any handheld like mobile. So, make sure it doesn’t take too long to load the page.

5) A responsive blog

59 A recent study revealed that number of mobile phones on earth is more than that of human beings. Besides, there are various other devices people use to access internet apart from computers. So you can easily imagine how important it has become for the marketers to keep this in mind and design websites or web pages accordingly. Same goes with blog too. You need to have a responsive design for blog too so that content adapts itself to the size of the screen and maintains its relevancy and readability on that device. It is high time that you have a responsive blog. Have it now to reduce your blog’s bounce rate and stop your potential readers or say potential customers to divert to your competitors.

6) Social Sharing Buttons

68 We have been doing it for long and perhaps you know it as well that the more shares your blog post get , the better will be its ranking on search engine ranking pages, for even search engines consider it to be of good quality. Even search engines consider the number of votes people have given to your content by sharing or liking it. So, make sure you have social sharing buttons embedded with your blog post irrespective of the device reader is using.

So, this was all about dominating organic search through blogging. As far as writing the blog is concerned you can read our article ‘How to Write a Blog Post in 9 easy steps’. And, if you have not created a blog yet, go ahead and create one today as it not only helps you with SEO and drive traffic to your website but also increase sales for your business.

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