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It been a little while now that you have been blogging but it seems to you that it isn’t worth doing. There could be a chance that you are not doing what is required to monetize your operation. Ask yourself whether you are using your blog as a sales tool or just and online publication. If you think it is latter that you are using your blog for then it’s the time for you to overhaul your blog and make sure it’s making money for you at its best. However, there are certain guidelines that you need to consider while doing so.

Let me present a few primaries of them.


blog 1 There are certain things you need to research about to double check whether you are going in the right direction or not. Analyze whether people are looking for the information you are posting on your blog if yes then see are some of them buyers or potential buyers. Besides, make sure the product or services that you may possibly sell on your blog are real.

2) Set priority to your blogs

blog 2 You have been writing content for your blog since long but it is not heading to the direction your always have wanted, there could be a chance that you blogs are not on the right track. You might have done market research and if not do it now and apply it to prioritize your blog as in which one to put more focus on and which one to be discarded.

3) Use attractive graphics

blog 3 Well! It has been observed in the past that people find graphics appealing especially when they are big and beautiful. You tend to attract more readers, more conversions and more sales through great graphics. Hence, make sure your images span the width of the text and are high quality. Besides, please do not forget to check whether you posses rights to publish them or not.

4) Include a backup plan

blog 4 You never know when a break down will destroy all your content. Precaution is always better than cure. It’s good to have a backup plan. There are so many ways you can take the backup of your data. Even WordPress bestow you with built-in automatic backups.

5) Create an impacting ‘About page’

blog 5 People while reading a blog has zeal to know more about you before they admit your content as expertise. Hence, never forget to create your “about’ page in the best way possible. Write a few sentences about yourself and then include the links to your social media site. And yes upload a picture of yours there to make it more personal.
blog 6 Don’t just repeat what others have written in their blogs. Be original and have your own opinions. People will only read your blog if it has a great content. Try linking to good stories and share the core information and do whatever you can to keep your content original, informative, high quality and fresh.

7) Fine-tune your content with SEO

blog 7 It is not at all impossible to write a content that abides by the SEO strategies and at the same time are of good quality. Before you go ahead and write the content go through the SEO requirement and keep the keywords you need to include. Now go ahead and write the content the way you want to and then revise it from the SEO point of view and make relevant changes in a way that it should not impact the quality of the content.

8) Use Google Alerts and RSS feeds to stay up to date

blog 8 You need to update your blog on a regular basis for your readers to keep coming back. In such scenarios you might find yourself running out of the matter to talk about. For this you can set up Google alerts and sign up for a few RSS feeds from related websites, they will provide you with immense current matter you can talk about in your blogs.

These were a few guidelines that you must follow to use your blogs as a sales tool. Besides, you are putting in so much effort but they are all in vein if you are not monitoring your performance to know where you are heading to. Hence go ahead and install monitoring tools such as Google analytics to track the data about the users’ behavior and proceeding on your site. It will help you prioritize your work easily.

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