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In past few years, content marketing has increasingly become an effective way of getting potential traffic to your website. However, when you say content, it doesn’t only mean the written words as even videos happen to be a significant part of content. And, YouTube being the world’s third most visited website has made video marketing far more valuable in this digital era.

With 3 billion daily views and over 500 million people flocking to it each month, it is no wonder if YouTube has become the world’s second-largest search engine after Google. This is what that makes it an incredible platform for marketers longing to boost potential traffic coming to their sites provided they deploy the correct strategy.

While business are working smart and hard on other channels of digital marketing, very few of them know how to leverage YouTube to drive potential traffic to their websites.This is why we have come up with a few very practical tips on video marketing through YouTube which are as follows:

1) Create good Content

yt 1 Just like the way you do it while writing content for your marketing blog, create a video content that carries a lot of value in it. Make it as informative, innovative, engaging and interesting as it could be. However, make sure you don’t forget the time factor while doing so, for the average attention period of adults is around ten minutes only. So, it is always better to create a video that’s not more than 10 minutes or in fact try making it 5-6 minutes lengthy.

2) Create good descriptions

yt 2 Why descriptions so important? Because search engines identify your videos with their descriptions and other written information that gets indexed by them and this is your description that matches with the searches and makes your video to get displayed. No matter how perky your video is, if the description is improper, you are not going to get results you are expecting. So make sure you write a glossy description that captures the gist of your message and include relevant keywords. As far as its length is concerned, try confining it to 70 words or less.

3) List relevant keywords

yt 3 While you upload the video, you get a section where you need to list keywords. Never overlook it as Google takes it in to account while giving the search results. Make sure you are listing the relevant keywords there. By relevant keywords here, it means the keywords that are relevant to your business and are most frequently used by consumers to find the product that you sell.

yt 4 Call-to-action compels the viewer to take the action after they have viewed the video, if placed properly. It is a button-link that takes your visitor to the page you want them to visit for your business. So don’t forget to include a call-to-action with your video if you want viewers to take some action at the end of the video.

5) Make multiple videos for same product or service

yt 5 Making more than two videos that are similar in terms of product or services and interlinking them at the bottom in the description will make people find you through different ways. Besides, Google considers links which refer to each other as more relevant and ranks you higher, which eventually brings more traffic to your videos and more clicks through to your website.


These were a few simple ways to drive traffic to your website through YouTube. Let me remind you once again that over 500 million people visit YouTube very month making it a great online market place for you. You Tube is a wonderful tool for building rapport with the customer and nurturing the visitors so that when they arrive at your website they are ready to take action, which eventually makes the conversion rate to go up.

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