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No other marketing medium is found to communicate your message more quickly and effectively than videos. So, incorporating videos in your emails makes a lot of sense like it does in any other form of marketing if your main objectives are tapping the growing Internet audience, increasing brand awareness, educating your customers and of course increasing conversions. Let’s have a look to a few stats on how videos can improve your email marketing campaigns.

Some stats on how videos can add value to your email marketing campaigns


• Businesses see 200% to 300% increase in click through rate when include video in an email
• 76% of campaigns that integrate video and email generate higher click-through rates
• When the word “video” is used in an email subject line, open rates is likely to rise from 7% to 13%
• 75% of automated email providers reduced their number of subscriber opt-outs by 75% when emails incorporated video
• 60% of customers are more likely to make a purchase after viewing a video in the email

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The Benefits of Using Videos in Email Marketing Campaigns

Primarily, incorporating videos in emails hooks the viewers and speeds engagement with them. Anyway let’s go through a few detailed reasons as to how videos add value to your email marketing campaigns.

Intrigue consumers more easily

Emails with videos not only tend to draw the attention of the viewers but even get across more easily. Videos make your emails more interesting and active in comparison to plain text for your subscribers making more impact on viewers.

Save Time

It is obvious that understanding anything would be easier either if you take a direct look at it or can watch a video on how it works or on its feature. This is what! Videos not only save the time of the receivers but also the senders as it tends to give information on a product or service exactly the way you can get them in the real world , which will obviously consume less time making even complex subjects easy to understand at the same time.

Affinity towards ‘Virality’

Videos really happen to be a penetrating marketing tool as they can go viral quickly and happen to be quite impressive when it comes to the way they communicate things and deliver messages.

SEO Boosters

One very important benefit of videos when used in emails is the improved Google search ranking. As it’s known to all of us as how online videos become popular easily and draw more attention. So, denying the fact that they can lead to more sharing on social media boosting the brand eventually isn’t achievable.

Some Don’ts while using Videos in Emails

• Use “Click here” types of phrases
• Use the word “Test” in the subject line
• Use too many exclamation points
• Use UPPERCASE for writing all the content
• Make use of dazzling colors like bright red, inky blue, etc
• Use less text with an HTML email as they can be treated as spam , for spam filters cannot read images
• Send email to multiple recipients in the same company as the email firewall will consider it a spam attack
• Design an HTML email in Word and then try to export the code to HTML because of spamming

The Bottom-Line!

Integrating videos in Email marketing of course can do wonders in drawing a lot of attention from viewers, increasing user engagement and generating more sales in the end. However all you need to do is to carry it out well and wisely and of course do not forget taking help from web analytics to have the true value for money.

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