“My Friends Recommended DSIM.”- Siddarth Gulati

“I am earning from both freelancing and job.”- Siddharth Gulati

By DSIM Team / 28/07/2018

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My friends recommended DSIM.

Siddharth Gulati, DSIM Trainee

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It was a warm and insightful conversation with Siddharth, Gulati, DSIM’s Ex-Trainee who shared his views on the scope of digital marketing and also his experience of DSIM.

Q1. Hi! Please share your qualification and work details with us.
Ans. Hello all! I am Siddharth Gulati. I have done MBA from Amity University and now, I’m working as a Sales Manager at Baraati.Inc.
Q2. Why did you choose digital marketing?
Ans. I learnt this training program because to use my skills to earn part-time, but this training is now helping me to do better in a full-time job. I now earn by both hands.
Digital Marketing lets you earn well as a freelancer. I joined DSIM’s course with the same purpose. Now, I am earning from both, freelancing and job.
Q3. Why you preferred DSIM over others?
Ans. I chose DSIM based on absolute recommendation. Several of my friends referred DSIM to me. I am really satisfied with the learning gained here.
Q4. We would like to know about your experience at DSIM?
Ans. My experience was truly great. I learnt a lot and now, I am a confident digital marketer, Thanks DSIM.
Q5. How much you would like to rate DSIM on scale of 1-10?
Ans. 9
Q6. What advantages you see in digital marketing?
Ans. If you see there are a lot of advantages of digital marketing. Since India is a growing digital nation, the future of internet marketing is bright and right now one can earn by several means like freelancing, fulltime or entrepreneurship.
Q7. Any message for digital marketing fellows.
Ans. Digital marketing keeps you updated and thus would help you from learning new things to earning. So, I would suggest everyone to do this.
Q8. Please say something about DSIM in one line.
Ans. “DSIM turns you into a digital marketing pro.”
It was really great talking to you Siddharth. Have a great career ahead!
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