[INFOGRAPHIC]- 4 Social Media Trends To Lookout In 2017 Dsim.in

[INFOGRAPHIC]- 4 Social Media Trends To Lookout In 2017

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Social media changes fast. It has been progressing speedily, breaking down walls and becoming part of the routine all over the world. The popularity of social media has been growing quickly and has shown no signs of slowing down.

It responds to the new technologies and brings us more and better features. Brands have come up with numerous innovative strategies that they’ve used to multiply their audience.

DSIM put together the changing social media trends to lookout in 2017. Take a look!

1) Rise of the Chatbots

In the artificial intelligence era, it’s all about inserting human brilliance in machines. It is now reaching a level where it is useful to many people’s daily lives.

Chatbots have become popular around the world. Chatbots make sense for brands, letting common questions to be answered and simple appointments to be managed.

The rises of digital assistants, such as Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant have got people used to talking to their phone.

Facebook chatbots are one application of this rebellion. The attractiveness of chatbots has grown rapidly. Real-time engagement is key to making sure that users are getting speedy and accurate answers to questions and comments.

2) Twitter’s popularity sees the decline

Twitter has had a rough time recently, with shares dropping approximately 400%. The platform frequently keeps on trying to regain its lost audience; however, things like expanding the character limit might not save it in the end.

Twitter was unique and sensational at first, but now the audience is starting to need something different, bigger, more detailed, more exciting pieces of content. Instagram had started taking the hold in this trend.

3) Live Streaming Video

The video has become one of the most captivating ways for brands to tell their stories on social media. YouTube transformed the game in 2004. This trend is changing how we share our stories, live happenings, and information.

It is a new way to engross with your audience. Recently, live video reaches a new level of popularity as Facebook introduced new features and Twitter introduced Periscope.

4) Snapchat will become a Big Player

Snapchat is growing fast.  It is easy to use interface with direct delivery with a daily user base of over 150 million. It is looking to develop products outside its main actions of exchanging messages, announcing real-world glasses to help users capture real-life visual information.

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